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Monday, March 02, 2009

A Clean Room, A Happy Daughter, A Happy Mom too


It took me 3 days, but I cleaned every square inch of Sarah's room - every drawer, every article of clothing, every tiny Barbie accessory, everything was put in a place and organized.  Sarah now has the cleanest and most organized room in the house.  She is really proud of her room and so am I.  Next stop - Matthew and Glen's room.  They've been working to clean their own room while I was working on Sarah's and that has surely eased up on the amount of work I'll have to do.  Still, it sure feels good having cleaned out all the "stuff" that can go to the goodwill or in the garbage.  Less is definitely more in this case.

Just so you know, I gave Sarah a number of lessons in organizing and in keeping her room clean and she helped me when she wasn't studying and doing her homework.  I know she was embarrassed by her room and how bad she had let it get.  I honestly believe that she will do her best to keep it clean and organized going forward.  I can only hope - right?

So here is the result:





Everything is so neat and clean! 


Her desk is neat and clean.  Her computer crashed, so Big Bear took it into his office to fix it.  He's such a good Daddy.


I emptied her closet entirely and asked Sarah to choose the stuffed animals and dolls that were important to her.  We ended up with 4 large bags of dolls and toys that were in excellent condition to give to the Goodwill. 


I organized her drawers too. 


She has a plastic container for all of her things.  Everything has a home now.


Sometimes as mothers, we need to step in and give our daughter's and our children a lesson in organization, hygiene, cleanliness, and more - all in an attempt to teach them the value of living a good life free of stress and dirty underwear under foot.

I have a feeling Sarah is going to be sleeping like a baby in her nice clean room, don't you?

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