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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Puppy Play


Who can forget the famous Coppertone Ad of the puppy pulling down the little girl's bathing suit and exposing her bottom?  Well, we've got a bit of that going on at our house right now with Hannah.  Fortunately, she isn't pulling down anyone's underwear, although she does find them in the laundry room and walks around the house with them on her head.


Still, I took some pictures of Hannah just after Sarah got home from school the other day.  Hannah is always so excited to see Sarah that she pulls on her pant's leg wanting Sarah to play with her.  It is adorable.


Of course, Sarah ignores her because all she wants to do is share with me everything that happened in school that day.


"Mom, will you please tell Sarah to play with me? Pleeeeeease?"  - "Sarah, play with Hannah."

So, since Sarah won't stop talking and I didn't understand her plea for my help, she took things into her own hands - or should I say her teeth? 


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