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Friday, March 06, 2009

Sticking my Neck Out - For Good Reason


It's like she's never been gone.  Kathleen has settled in to being at home and is getting comfortable.  We are so happy that she is here and doing well.  The Lord has truly answered all of our prayers.  Now  if only Bob could find a job then life would be near perfect. 

We celebrated Kathleen's birthday with a nice steak dinner from Longhorn.  It was delicious and she was thrilled to have a good meal.  We took her and the kids to Barnes & Noble and got her a lap desk for her birthday.  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that she is older than I am.  I mean, she just turned 30!  But wait, I'm still 29!  ha ha.  Yeah, right.  It just doesn't seem possible that I have a daughter who is 30 years old and a grandson who is 9.  Maybe one of these days I'll grow up.  Ya think?


We've been doing great.  Yesterday we cleaned out the closet and drawers in my mother's room since my mother is staying with my brother and his wife in Florida, and got it all ready for Kathleen to decorate as she sees fit.  She can have at it - making the room and bathroom on the main level her own and a reflection of her style and personality.  She is all excited about it and I'm equally excited for her.

Kathleen came home with one suitcase, one pair of jeans, a few old and torn tops, and maybe 2 undergarments.  I wanted to cry.  I washed all of her clothes and let her raid Sarah's and my closets and drawers for anything that she can wear and enjoy.  She found a few things, but overall, Kathleen needs so much more.  We're sitting here on the bed in her room right now looking through the recent People Magazine Style Watch edition and she is showing me a few colorful handbags and outfits that she would love to have.  I wish I could get these things for her right now.  I hate having to put all of these little luxuries off right now, but we have all had to tighten our bank buckle and turn down the heat to save on expenses since Bob is out of work.

I'm going to stick my neck out right now.  I know that everyone in this country is struggling because of the economy and life is tough for everyone.  We've been enormously blessed in our life and overall are doing far better than so many out there who have far less.  I pray for everyone.  So what am I asking for?  Well, I'll tell ya ...

All you ladies out there, if you have any items of clothing or handbags that are stylish and that you think my precious daughter, Kathleen, would enjoy, that you otherwise are not wearing or might pass on to the consignment shop, would you consider passing them on to my girl?  In my life, I have never asked for anything, but because my baby girl is in desperate need of the basics and really needs to pull her life together and feel good about herself again, her health, her dental care, everything - again - and because we just can't afford to buy her all the things that we want to buy her to help get her back on her feet ... well, I'm turning to my friends - you - for any help you can provide my girl while she makes this life change - for the better. 


I can't thank you all enough, for your good wishes and prayers.  God has been good to us and the fact that Kathleen is home - home to stay - while she gets back on her feet, builds back her health, and maybe goes back to school, - is a miracle.  Her future looks bright.

Last night, we all watched American Idol together and when Anoop (Noop-Dog) said hello to everyone in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in remembrance of Eve Carson who was brutally murdered last March, 2008, by 2 guys who wanted to rob her, we paused the show to explain to Kathleen what Anoop was talking about and about Eve's story.  It is a story that will touch your heart and leave you heartbroken.  Everyone in North Carolina and beyond grieves for Eve and her family. 


Then, after American Idol and the children went to bed, we watched a movie together - Body of Lies - with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Great movie.  Intense for sure and scary as hell, but the message was clear.  Midnight - we say good night and Kathleen retreated to her bedroom just a few steps away from the family room and Bob and I went upstairs, and Adolf (our German Shepherd) followed.  Two hours later there is a knock at our bedroom door, and Kathleen came wandering in with her hair in a pony tail ... "Mom, I'm freaking out downstairs.  Can you sleep with me?"  After maneauvering to sitting up in bed, I said "Sure sweetie" and I grabbed my pillow and we both shuffled downstairs to the kitchen where we got some orange juice and then went to her room and talked for 3 hours. 


Kathleen was obviously not used to the sounds that this house makes and being that she had all those images and thoughts going thru her brain from the movie and the Eve Carson story, she had every reason to freak out.  I couldn't help it, but I was laughing out loud and making jokes about the boggie man.  So, to help calm her nerves I went upstairs and got Adolf too, and he slept beside us both (and snored and licked our face) throughout the night.  If you want a good night's sleep, get a German Shepherd and let him sleep next to you every night.  You'll sleep like a rock knowing that if anyone tries anything funny, he'll tear off their head.  Kathleen calmed down while I gave her a back scratch and a head rub and she finally went to sleep - like a baby.


I couldn't help it, but Kathleen was adorable last night all wrapped up with a blanket around her shoulders and her hair pulled back in a pony tail.  She reminded me of the adorable little girl she was at 3 years old. 

This morning, Kathleen wolfed down a huge breakfast of waffles, oj, bacon, and toast.  We thought we would have to encourage her to eat when she got here, but thank God, she is eating like she hasn't had a decent meal in 5 years, and to be perfectly honest, she probably hasn't.  Things are looking up for her.  Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.  My baby girl is home and it is as if all the years past have just melted away.

If you would like to donate to Kathleen's wardrobe or personal needs, please let me know by contacting me at [email protected].  It takes a village to raise a child, and although she may not be a child anymore, she is my child, and if you can't stick your neck out and ask for help for your child, who can you stick your neck out for? 

Kathleen sizes are:

Top:  Medium or size 6 or 8
Pants: Size 6 or 8 tall (Kathleen is 6 feet tall and 105 lbs)
Dress: Size 6 or Medium
Shoes: Ladies Size 9

These clothing sizes may be a little large on her, but she is eating well and will surely start putting on some weight.  Thank God.

Thank you all again.  I appreciate it more than you know.



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