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Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's All In the Game of Love and War


Adolf can't get any rest around here.  He tries, but the love of his life keeps upsetting his rest to play.  Hannah has him pegged.  She's got him all figured out.


And no matter where Adolf is, you are sure to find Hannah close by - usually very close.


They play together, they sleep together, but they do not laugh together.  Hannah never seems to get the joke.  Adolf kinda reminds me of that bear in "The Jungle Book" - what was his name?  Balu or something?

Anyway, I just love watching them play.  Hannah thinks she has one over on Adolf until Adolf body slams her into the carpet.  So, for your entertainment, I put together this little video of our dogs - Adolf and Hannah, playing, fighting, nipping, growling, and lovin' every minute of it...


Get 'im Hannah! You can show him who's boss around here!

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