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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Favorite Things


The other day, Kathleen asked me to make a list of my favorite things and then she wrote them all over a Renoir painting.  Sorry, Auguste, but my daughter is creative like that.  I wanted to share her story with you that she published on her new blog: Katrunk (an abbreviation for Kathleen's Trunk). 

My Favorite Things
by: Kathleen Smith

The best things in life aren't things at all..

In fact, they are the moments we share that landmark the things we remember. The very things we keep as mementos in our minds to remind us why those moments were so special.

Yesterday was one of those occasions for my mother. It was her 50th birthday and I have chosen to dedicate my brush to create a painting which captures what's special to her.

The title for this piece is "My Favorite Things"

This will be a Master Copy of my Mothers favorite artist, Auguste Renoir. The girl in this portrait is remarkably identical to a photo taken of my mother when she was a small child which makes this piece especially significant. Framing the portrait is a whimsical list of all my mothers favorite things, be it Music, Movies or .. Me!

Sincerely, I couldn't resist.

I certainly look forward to the completion of this lovely memento.


Thank you Kathleen!  You sure are growing up fast.  Oh, you're already grown up?  But wait a minute!  I'm not!  I'm still a kid!

Well, this week sure has been a busy week - and a memorable one too.  My children made it the best birthday ever - all week long.


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