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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sarah Vaughn - Pianist, Composer ... and full of Giggles


Sarah has come a long way with her piano, thanks to her dedication and her teacher, Claire Ritter, who is a renowned Jazz composer and pianist.  In the last couple of years, Sarah has been composing music that reflects her inspiration from nature and the seasons.  It has been wonderful listening to Sarah play daily, especially when we know that she is creating something altogether new for our listening pleasure.  We couldn't be more proud.

The other evening, Sarah participated in her high school talent show.  She was one of 14 acts.  Of course, we thought Sarah's was the best - but then again, we're biased. 


 Sarah aspires to be a renowned composer, and pianist, and hopes that someday she will be entertaining the masses and making her music her career.  I believe that she will get there.  She is dedicated, and her dedication can be heard in everything she plays. 


Sarah takes inspiration for her compositions from some of her favorite composers and pianists - Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Claire Ritter, and George Winston

Now, I know that you've heard of Keys and Jones, and some of you may even be familiar with Jazz artist, Claire Ritter, but how many of you have heard of George Winston?  Well, that won't be a problem any longer, because I have included a video of George Winston playing one of Sarah's favorites, "Rain." 

After watching the George Winston video, sit back and enjoy the sounds of "Waterfall" by Sarah Vaughn.  Tell me if you see a similarity in their style of music.



Wasn't that wonderful? Now, enjoy Sarah as she plays her most recent composition, "Waterfall." 


I think Sarah's music is outstanding. I enjoy it so much I record it on our player piano and replay it when she is at school. (Neat trick don't you think?)

Great Job Sarah!

NOTE: If you would like to see the video from the high school talent show, click on the Vimeo Video to the right of the Waterfall video at the "bottom" of this page.  It's about 30 minutes, but includes some original, some not so good, some funny, and some interesting (to say the least) acts from the talent show.

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