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Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Miscellaneous post


Sometimes you just have to say something, and I've been working so hard to update my site that I haven't posted in what? 2 days?  So here's what's happenin...

Kathleen and I have been sitting on the sofa for hours on end with our laptops updating our sites and building her site at Katrunk. (that stands for "Kathleen's Trunk"). It looks so pretty.  She has done this all herself - with a little help from me.  But, she did figure out how to do the top navigation on her own.  I'm so proud.

Bob, Kathleen, and I have had an upset stomach for about 3 days now.  We're all feelin' a bit yukky.  Charmin has made it tolerable for all of us.  So has Pepto Bismol and Coca Cola.  I think we still have remnants of last week's flu dragging us down. 

Glen learned how to vacuum the family room today.  Reluctantly.

Matthew tried to skip out of the house to visit his friend without finishing his chores.  He didn't make it out the door, though, as Glen ratted on him.  Brothers.  Aren't they wonderful?

Sarah got home from school and talked about her day for 40 minutes straight.  I have no clue what she said, because my brain could obviously not visualize all that she experienced in her day.  As long as none of it involved being in the company of someone with swine flu I guess she's okay.

We watched the weather channel all day.  Until Oprah came on and then Kathleen and I drooled over Hugh Jackman who I swear looks like a young Clint Eastwood.  Don't you think? But, Hugh has a bit more integrity.  I have always loved Clint Eastwood, but Clint Eastwood has had how many children with how many women?  Hugh has been married for 13 years with 2 children.  He seems settled and committed.  That is so sexy.

I'm a slug.

Kathleen's a slug. 

Bob's a slug.

Glen's a hard worker when we hound him 357 times. 

Matthew's a hard worker too when he has nowhere else he'd rather be.

Sarah got 3 "C's" and 1 "A" on her report card.  Hmmmm.  Not sure I'm very happy with that.  Last semester it was 3 "A's" and 1 "B." 

I need a shower. 

I need pepto bismol.

I think I'll go make me a dish of Big Bear's delicious Chicken Alfredo with roasted peppers. 

Then I'm going to shower and go to bed and watch some television with a cup of hot cocoa, prop up my feet, and sleep in in the morning.  

I finished a bowl of Big Bear's Chicken Alfredo.  I'm stuffed.

But now I'm stuck in the family room at the moment with 2 sleepy dogs and watching the History Channel's Commander's of War.  War is a strategic game.  I thought it was funny when the Russians dug ditches to "tank" the German tanks. 

I wonder if there are reruns of Sex and the City on tonight?  When is Mad Men going to have new shows?  When is Big Bear going to have a job offer?  What day of the week is it?  Am I really here?

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. 

Tomorrow's a new day. 

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