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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Child Abduction Emergency in North Carolina?


You've got to be kidding, right?  Everyone is in bed sleeping and Matthew was spending the night with his best friend next door.  They are always having sleepovers.  Well, at almost 1:00am the phone rings and it is Matthew crying and wanting to come home.  "Sure bud, I'll meet you outside.  Is everything alright?"  I asked.  "I don't feel good, Mom.  I want to come home."  So, I ran outside in the drizzle and met my little boy in the driveway.  He ran into my arms and we walked inside.  He was shaking and really upset.


When we got indoors, I hugged him and said "What's wrong sweetie? Why are you so upset?"  He was crying and said "There is a child abduction alert for all the counties in North Carolina until June 19th."  I looked at Matthew stunned and hugged him, smiled, laughed a little, and reassured him that he was going to be just fine.  But, I could see that he was clearly and understandably upset.  So, to reassure him, we went online and I honestly did not think I would find anything, especially since he told me he was watching the Disney Channel or Cartoon Network or something like that when he saw the alert flash across the screen like a weather warning alert. 


Well, you won't believe this, but as it turns out, North Carolina put out a Child Abduction Alert and posted it across the screen of cable and local channels like a weather emergency and it scared my son clean out of our neighbor's house at 1am in his skivvies. And from what I read online, they do this regularly!  I mean, what's the deal with that anyway?  They don't give any information - none whatsoever - they just flash a generic warning across the screen that reads: Child Abduction Emergency for the following counties in North Carolina...Union, Mecklenberg ... until June 19th. 


Okay you guys with the weather alert and child abduction alert system - what are we supposed to do?  Tie our children to their beds or lock them in their closets until June 20th?  Or maybe we should only let them play outside as long as we are behind them with a large blunt object to ward off any shifty looking fellas who might be roaming the neighborhood.  Better yet, how about we just sic Adolf on the next child abductor that crosses our path.  That oughta do the trick, don't you think?


Put it this way, if the North Carolina Child Abduction Alert/Emergency system is going to broadcast an alert like this, especially on a children's channel, at least have the decency to explain what's going on.  My son was so upset he ran home in his pajamas shaking all over afraid for his life.  The poor little guy thought there was a mass child abduction going on until June 19th in Union County, North Carolina for God's Sake!!!  The first thing he asked when we sat down on the sofa and cuddled up was "Mom, where's Adolf" In 2 seconds flat Adolf was at his feet and lickin' his face.  "Feel better now?"  giggles - "Yep."


It is now almost 1:30 in the morning and I think I am going to cuddle with my little boy on the sofa and we can veg out together and watch some television with 2 glasses of chocolate milk and a cozy quilt to keep our toes warm.  The house is locked and bolted.  The alarm is on.  And Adolf is on Red Alert for any shifts in the wind within 500 yards of our front door.  He knows how to take off an arm - Big Bear found that out today in Schuntzen training.  Adolf had a grip so tight the trainer could sling him around off the ground.  If the trainer had not had on a bite sleeve, Adolf would have taken off his arm.  Thank you Adolf.  I feel much safer now - and so do the 3 precious children we have in our home and especially the little man you just licked. 


Now which one do you think is more ruthless? Harmless, eh?  Don't underestimate this little gal, she's a mean ankle biter and been known to chew up quite a few pencils.  Oh, and she is Adolf's sparring partner - growling, teeth, and a bounding leap to boot. 

I think we'll just settle down now on the sofa with some chocolate milk - and Adolf.  How's-a-bout-it-bud?

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