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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Adventures of Gregory


Sunday was Big Bear's 50th Birthday and we were ready to celebrate.  We invited 20 of our close friends and neighbors over for the celebration.  I, however, had my sights on the cutest fella at the party - Gregory.


This little guy was my favorite guest.  I wasn't the only one who had their eye on this little fella, either.


Gregory was very animated - and he had his eye on the cake.


His mother gave him a toy instead.  Of course, it didn't taste nearly as good as the cake.


Look at the face on this sweet baby.  Is he scared out of his mind or is he still looking at that cake?


I think he is still looking at the cake.


"Wait a minute, there's more food over there.  I want it Dad, take me over there"


Dad handed him over to another guest, Wendy, and she became immediately enamoured with Gregory's cuteness, and Gregory immediately started eating her hair.  Mmmm, good.


Ol no, Wendy's a gonner.


Totally.  I feel for ya, Wendy.  He sure smells good doesn't he?


Of course, when he didn't smell so good anymore, Wendy handed him over to his mother.  Stephanie didn't mind, though.  He's loads of fun, even with a load in his drawers.


Yep, Gregory made his rounds.  I played with him too, but since I was the only one with the camera at the time, it was difficult to take pictures and hold Gregory too - so I kept handing him over to his father.  Big Greg did what father's do best with their sons - give him a ride on his shoulders.


"So Dad, when are they going to cut the cake?"

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