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Monday, August 10, 2009

2 Crazy Gals and a Photobooth

Well, Beth has been sending me video emails and I still can't figure it all out, but I did make this video today (a collection of 3 bad videos with bad mouth and all, and this is the only way I could get the dang thing to Beth - why?  Because my stinkin' email wouldn't send it.  So Beth (and anyone else who is interested) here is a crazy, stupid, video made by 2 50-something ladies that had nothing better to do - well, that isn't entirely true because we were trying to finish the video so we could paint.  We finally got to the studio and I live streamed from my studio but forgot to record it.  I told you I stink at this.  Anyway, here's the stupid video - for Beth...

I hope my mother doesn't disown me for saying the "f" word. Sorry Mom. I'll try to keep the trash talk under wraps for all future videos.

Oh my, did I really say that?  God help me.  Alternative words.  I need alternative words.

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