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Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Daughter and a Driver's License


This was the summer that my baby girl took driver's education.  Every day for several weeks we drove her back and forth from her school to classes.  My fears have started to set in.


Fears that she won't always use good judgment and will be in an accident. 


Fears that she will ride with friends who are not responsible and will get in an accident.


Fears that if something did happen to her I won't see that glorious smile or that cute little peace sign again. But all of these fears are normal for a mother I think.  We have to let our children leave the nest sometime.  But can't we keep them young and little for a little while longer?


I mean, if she wants to learn to drive, let her drive the tractor.  We always need help in the yard and she's good at driving the tractor.


She doesn't always look happy driving the tractor, but she gets the job done and that's what matters - I think.


Maybe if I'm lucky she won't like driving.  Or - she'll like driving about as much as she likes driving this tractor.


I gotta admit though, she handles the tractor like a pro.


And what is a mother to do if her daughter is as crazy as her mother and wants a Harley of her own?  Or wants to drive Dad's Harley?  I really had no idea how my harley riding affected my own mother until now.  Sorry Mom - we're all a bit crazy and free ridin' in this family.  Fortunately, we all still have all of our limbs.

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