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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm a Brazilian Nut

As you all may know, Beth and I have been friends, uh, forever, and since she hates to type (and glad she isn't a blogger), she has been making 30 second videos and sending them to me daily. They are so funny. So, Beth told me how to use Photobooth on my Mac (we both have Macs) to make these silly video emails. Well, I gotta tell ya, our videos are getting crazier every day. Our conversation this week ... (Oh, and I think you have to double-click on the image to get the videos to play if you don't see the controls. If you do see the controls, well, then you know what to do, right?)

As you can see, Beth spent a LOTTA money on that beautiful mane of HOT RED hair with a sexy haircut to boot. But I've gotta tell ya that Beth would look hot in a potato sack with a raccoon on her head. I thought it was an appropriate time to write the story about a conversation we have had a number of times about hair color and cancer. Then I tried to send her the stupid video of me and Alison, but that failed so I had to do things the hard way and post our 5 minute video on Vimeo and then on my blog because I didn't know how else to do it. After she saw that video, she sent me this ...

After she read my story she sent me this...

Of course, I had to send her this (unfortunately I forgot to turn off the fan hovering over my laptop making all the noise ...

Then Sarah wanted to get in on the action (and again I forgot to turn off the stinkin' fan, although I did hit my finger into it and it made a funny noise ...

But hold on...

Of course, Beth is right. I am a nut. A Brazil nut. My daughter Kimberly once said I was "f-ing nuts" to which I replied "Thank you, and I'm a happy nut too." I think I'll keep it that way. I'm enjoying myself too much. I hope TypePad doesn't explode from all these videos in one post.

And "no" I haven't been drinking. As a matter of fact I've never been a drinker. I think alcohol tastes like Nyquil. I'm just naturally nutty like this. I think it must be a genetic defect.

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