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Monday, August 24, 2009

Visits with Vermeer


I've had one of those weeks.  I enjoyed being able to shut down my brain for the week and not have to think about getting a story out or pulling out my camera, although I love doing those things, I had other things that were pressing - like laundry, cleaning and organizing a home office, laundry, getting my mother settled back home in her own bed, laundry, and getting my daughter ready for school that starts tomorrow.  I'm still trying to reconcile in my head that my girl is learning to drive and has her learner's permit now.  I even let her drive my Beamer while I promptly dug my nails into the leather seats.

I napped.  I did a lot of napping this week ... and, I painted.  I did a few little paintings.  I continued to read this great book called "Amazing Grays" and I'll be writing a review about the book with a giveaway in the coming week.  It's a great book.  


I pounded my head against my easel in realization that my reference images never fail to give me bad information which might explain why I think portraiture is painful and trust that I JUST CAN'T DO THIS!  I called on my friend and mentor Karin Wells and poured my sorrows on her shoulders.  She tells me not to fret and to walk away from the painting for a year and do some master copy paintings from Vermeer.  That sounds real encouraging don't you think?  I will tell you this, Karin Wells, in my humble opinion, is the greatest living portrait artist in the world.  She is incredible - no - better than that.  Her precision, eye for detail and color and everything she does is remarkable.  Even her brushstrokes leave me speechless.  So, I've been communicating a lot with her this week for help.  She's a good dooby - and patient.  

Then there's my Big Bear who has been looking for work - still - and paying the bills with pennies, working miracles along the way.  He even drove to Florida and picked up my mother who had been visiting my brother Mike and his wife Marcella in West Palm Beach.  He drove her home taking a detour by Cape Canaveral so that the boys could see the rockets and take a tour of the Space Shuttle only to pull up to the entrance and discover that they now want 60 bucks a head to get in.  Matthew was in tears.  Devastated.  And, Bob was pissed.  I mean, our tax dollars pay for this place, the least they can do is let us in to see the dang thing!  But, nope, Big Bear had to turn around and head home with 2 very disappointed little boys in the back seat.  


I've been trying to get some paintings done for this Festival coming up this weekend and think that maybe I ought to just bag the whole thing.  I don't have enough paintings for sale, really, and while every other artist is selling copies of their paintings, I'm trying to sell my originals.  Unfortunately, all the people cruising through these festivals want copies - cheap copies.  


So, maybe I'll start looking through some of Vermeer's paintings and find one to copy, then another. 

By the way, please pray that my Big Bear finds a job soon.  Can you believe it has been a year already?  I can't either. 

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