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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Comfortable


Our doggies have their favorite chairs, and I'm convinced that there is psychology to the chosen chair.  Take Hannah for instance - I am convinced that she prefers this chair just so that she can keep an eye on me when I'm working on my laptop.  She'll jump up into the recliner and keep an eye out on all the activity in the family room.


Of course, if one of the children walk by, she'll pop her head up to see what's goin' on.


Then there is the occasional boredom.  Nothing to do, nobody to watch, nobody to play with, no feet to lick.


Poor Hannah.  Not even Adolf is playing with her at the moment.  Sarah's at school, the boys are doing their homework.  I'm painting, Dad's working on his computer, and Grandma is sleeping. 


What's a doggie to do?


Adolf has other ideas.  This is his favorite chair.  The big green chair in the music room, right by the window looking out onto the driveway and the front of the house.


You see, Adolf knows he is our guard dog, so he has to keep watch.  Of course, keeping watch is work, so he has to be comfortable at the same time.


Until he gets bored, and then he just hangs out and goes to sleep, and drools all over the chair.


And dreams about all the cats he can chase and bad guys he can intimidate.  And he drools all over the chair some more.


I suppose it isn't anything that upholstery cleaner won't cure.  And besides, he doesn't intimidate Mom... nope.  "Not Mom - naah - Mom's not intimidated at all.  She just wants me to make eyes at her and then come and lick her face." 

Now if only Adolf would learn not to bark at all the squirrels, we'd have a quieter household.

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