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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's the One Thing?


To everyone who stops by today ... I have a random question for you ...

What is the one thing you wished for that you are glad you never got? 

This question was posed on TypePad and it got me thinkin.  So, what is the one thing that I wished for that I am glad I never got?  Actually, I think I may have a few things.

I am glad I never moved to New York right out of high school.

I am glad I never moved to California in my 20s.

I am glad I never bought that little rambler on New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I am glad I don't look like Christy Brinkley.  I think.

I am glad I don't have more children.  I'm happy with the one's I have.

This is a biggie - I am glad I had a miscarriage in the early part of my pregnancy in February, 1996.  If I had not lost that baby, I would not have gotten pregnant 6 weeks later with my first and only son.  He is the light of my life.  God always has a plan.

I am glad I did not marry ... (let's see, there were a few who asked and I almost said "yes.")

I am glad I did not finish law school and instead married a wonderful man and was able to seek out my dreams and explore my creative goals while raising our children and taking care of our home.

Bottom line, I am happy that I am here today - flaws and all.  The path to get here has sometimes been paved with stones, and sometimes been paved with dirt, and a few times I got stuck in a rut on the side of the dirt road, but the view along the way has been agood one. 

TypePad posed this question today on their site and it stopped me in my tracks.  I sometimes wonder why we are having to struggle for the first time in our life, but we are struggling together and we are healthy - today - right now - we are all healthy and together and we have a home. We have soft, cool pillows to rest our weary heads.  We have orange juice, milk, and bread.  We have clean clothes and we can take a hot shower.  We have these silly computers in which to communicate and do our work. We have 2 of the most adorable dogs ever who lick our feet and nibble on our toes. 

Big Bear may have lost his job almost a year ago (Sept. 15, 2008) no thanks to Avaya's layoff, but we've pulled together, bit the bullet, and managed to survive - together.  I think there is a lesson to be learned here too, because although Bob "wished" he had not been laid off, maybe, just maybe, the best is yet to come.  I believe we all may have learned a difficult lesson in managing our pennies and valuing more the things we normally take for granted.  Like television.  We cut off our satellite television about 3 weeks ago and surprisingly, we haven't missed it all that much.  We've spent more time together as a family, the boys have found new ways to entertain themselves (lincoln logs, board games, and books), and I've gotten more paintings done.

I suppose around every cloud there is a silver lining. 

So tell me, What is the one thing you wished for that you are glad you never got? Or two ...


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