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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cat Girl Comes to Town


That's my Cat Girl I'll have you know!  Today was "costume day" at Sarah's high school and she made some silly cat ears with her headband, put on some crazy eyeliner, dressed in black, and headed off to school.  Does she look happy or what?


Peace.  Love.  Smile.  Meow.


I think she looks absolutely adorable.  To think she is wearing a pair of my old black leggin's and my black Harley boots.  Why do children have to grow up so fast?  She is already taller than I am. I might add that she looks a heck of a lot better in those leggin's than I ever did.


And smart, and funny, and cute as a button I might add.  I can brag - she's my baby girl!  And she sure is going to look cute this halloween too, but she isn't wearing this outfit - she's going to be the grim reeper I think and scare all the little kids in the community. 

By the way, please vote for me at Divine Caroline.  I really appreciate the love.

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