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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raisin Bread - Toasted & Buttered - Yum


I received a nice little package in the mail from my dear friend Beth.  It was a surprise.  When I opened it, guess what I found?  Well, it's not that difficult to figure out because I've got it pictured here.  Yep, Beth sent me homemade Raisin Bread, directly from her kitchen to mine.  I wonder what gave her the idea that I like Raisin Bread?  Ya think? 


So, I admired her work of art.


And I sliced it.


And I sliced it some more. 


And then I toasted it.  Raisin Toast is my favorite. The aroma began to filter through the air ...


And it didn't take long before scavengers arrived in the kitchen.


And they wanted to have some raisin toast.  


They ate it up and they smiled.


And they laughed.


"Hey Mom, is there more?  This is so good." 


"Okay Mom, you know how I feel about eating crust, but I want more toast."

Thank you Beth! - The boys ate all the raisin bread with the exception of 3 pieces that I enjoyed with them.  You're just going to have to make some more and this time take pictures of how you make it.  It was delicious!  You're such a great friend.


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