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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Men Need Trucks


My brother Bill.  Oh, he's funny, very entertaining, and I miss him something awful since he lives in Florida and I live in North Carolina.  And, like my Big Bear, he has been out of work since September 2008, so they share a lot of stories, and have a bit more time on their hands to do yard work.  Unfortunately, Bill does not own a truck, so he wings it - those trips to the dump and so on that require a man's truck - leaving him no other choice but to use his car.

Just this past weekend, Bill decided to prune his palm trees, and as he wrote in his email to me ...

Susan -
The frick'n palm trees we inherited next to our house grow 3 feet a night in summer.
Attached is a photo of a few "palms" I needed to unload at the dump after
a light pruning on Saturday morning.....
Think I need a truck?
Your brother...

So, imagine how humored I was when I saw this picture:


Hey Bill - 

Nice ornamentation you got goin' on there.


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