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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Joy of Snow Tubing


When we lived in Maryland, every winter was an exercise in not busting a snow tube for the entire winter season.  The kids were always soaring down the front yard at incredible downhill speeds.  I ventured out a number of times myself, as did Big Bear, to join in the fun of snowtubing down a foot of snow or more.  But here in Charlotte it's a little different.  We don't get snow that often, and when we do the kids go nuts.  Of course, most snowfalls don't accumulate to much of anything.  This past week, however, we got 4 inches.  Woohoo!  So, before it melted on us, Big Bear got out his tractor and mashed down several tubing paths for the kids, then he blew up their snow tubes for the first time in 5 years, and let them go at it.



From the wee hours of the morning to just before noon, the kids had loads of fun tubing down the front yard while I sat in the window upstairs and took about 200+ pictures.  What great fun the kids had.  The joy on their faces, the laughter - it makes my heart sing.



Of course, the snow began to melt in the afternoon, but the children made some memories Saturday morning, and I have lots of pictures to prove it.  



Sometimes I wish we were still living in Maryland, but then I get pictures like this from our friend and former neighbor, Lisa, and I think - Naaaah, I think I'll just stay here in Charlotte.  Poor Lisa - she can't get out for nothin'.  And to make matters worse, she had surgery on her foot and she is hobbling around on crutches.  



At least we had some fun in the snow here for once in 5 years.  The kids had a blast.  And isn't that what it's all about anyway?



That beautiful smile.  Sarah is so beautiful.  We are all so proud of her.  I can't believe she is Sweet 16 already!  Where have the years gone?



Of course, there is the silly side to Sarah too.


It's times like this that I wish I had had my video camera charged up.  Oh well, the animated gifs are the next best thing I suppose.



And then there are action shots like this that speak for themselves ...



And the smile that comes after the face plant in the snow.



Sibling Rivalry - Sarah and Matthew can't get enough of it - and they smile the entire time.



Thumbs up to Glen!




The kids had a great time and to tell you the truth, I had just as much fun watching them play in the snow.



It was a great start to a wonderful weekend.





Sarah had a busy day ahead too - she had about 15 friends come over and celebrate her 16th Birthday with her.  She had a sleepover too!  And that will be tomorrow's post.  Yep, it was a weekend to remember.



We are definitely snow people here.









See ya!

What fun things have you done in the snow this winter or in past winter snows?



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