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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

She Has My Heart


I think my granddaughter, Reagan, may just be the cutest baby girl on the face of the earth.  But, of course, I'm partial.  Then again, maybe she is - at least through my eyes.  I mean, she has the biggest sky blue eyes on the planet, and this strawberry blonde hair to die for.  She smiles so big it melts your heart and everywhere she goes she gets a lot of attention due to the "cuteness" factor she has goin' on.



And of course, she is already reading.  She has a few of her favorite hardcover books that she reads on a daily basis - with the help of Elmo too.



And that perfect little button nose that is a little orange is proof positive that our little sweetie is eating her carrots.



Among other things.



She is easily entertained as you can see here (and check out those 2 perfect pearls that popped out of her bottom gums.



There is no description that could possibly accurately describe the love I feel for this child, and I have not yet met her.



But she has my heart all tied up in knots and filled with joy.  



That face.  That perfect face ...



And those priceless expressions ...



Are enough to make me want to drop everything and drive 12 hours to see her.  To hold her in my arms and kiss her cheeks and hug her till we both have trouble breathing.



And of course, there'd be plenty of hugs and misses, love and kisses to go around because you see, I have the most beautiful daughters, and this beautiful daughter, Kimberly, is now a mother, and I can't think of anything that looks more wonderful on her than motherhood.  

Love, Grandma Susan

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