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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Guys and a Girl


There is no question about it, as my son, Matthew, says on a regular basis - "Sarah sure is rakin' them in."  Of course, Sarah denies this observation from her brother. 


But I have to tell ya, having been a 16 year old girl once myself, I don't recall having quite this much fun, or being surrounded by testosterone on a regular basis.


Sarah has a boyfriend.  As in "he's mine, not yours - boyfriend."  His name is Walker.  He's the one in the red shirt.  Sarah also has a best friend.  As in "he's my friend and only a friend and we like to hang out buddy style kind of friend."  His name is Ryan.  He is in the white shirt.


We've tried to tell Sarah that this creates an awkward situation.  Sarah doesn't buy it.  


We tell her that if she is in a relationship with a guy, that hanging out and going out with other guys, even if they are just "friends" is probably a "no-no."  She still doesn't buy it.


Of course, she is only 16, so who cares, right? - Maybe Ryan.



Sarah has never had her heart broken.  Neither has Walker.  And from what I gather, Ryan has never been in a relationship where his heart was anywhere, so he's safe - for the moment.  I think.  


Unless, of course, he likes Sarah more than just a "friend" and then we have issues.  But they're still just kids.  Kids with heart.  Kids with Soul.  Fun Kids.  Good Kids.


Sarah doesn't buy it.


So, the other day, Sarah had Walker and Ryan over at the same time.  Awkward.  But very interesting.


And fun.


They played the Wii and Guitar Hero, and then watched a movie and hung out - together.



They let me take a lot of pictures of them being silly - together.


Walker made it perfectly clear -  "she's mine, not yours, and don't you forget it ... Ryan."


Of course, Ryan just kept smilin' and making faces and giving me the thumbs up.  I don't think Walker was buyin' it.


Go get 'em Ryan!  


They had dinner with us too.  Big Bear made a chicken and shrimp alfredo thing with a salad and blackberry cobbler and it was delicious.  Growing boys they are and everyone but Sarah woofed it down. Ryan had seconds.


The thing about this funny scenerio is this - I really like Walker and I really like Ryan.  We're talking 2 great guys here.  I am proud of them both.  They get good grades and care about their future. 


And it is obvious to us that they both care about Sarah too.  Such a dilemma for a 16 year old girl.


Walker wants to be a Neuro-surgeon.


Ryan hasn't decided yet, but he is big into Baseball and he plays a mean Saxophone.


Sarah wants to be a cellular biologist.  As in "cells" in the body, not cellular phones.  ha ha.


I don't know where this bunch is going, but I know for sure they are going up, and I do believe that they will be lifelong friends.  I just have a gut feeling.  And since we've drilled it into our children's heads that they have to be choosy about the friends they keep, as for Sarah, I do believe that these 2 are keepers.



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