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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Getting Cuter Every Day

I gotta tell ya, my granddaughter is getting cuter every day.  Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't share with you some of the pictures of the most precious baby girl on earth. 


This time last year, she wasn't even born yet.  But when she came into the world on September 5th, she was bound for greatness.


From the start, she had excellent fashion sense.


She also made it perfectly clear that she did not want to eat her vegetables!


She celebrated her first Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter, and she did so in style I might add.


She's a growin' girl and becoming more precious every day.


She grew hair and began wearing cute clips, and she began to crawl all over the house.


When Spring rolled around, Reagan spent her days at the park swinging and looking very cool in her shades.


Reagan was a cutie pie from day one, and getting cuter every day with eyes to melt your heart and a smile that was sure to make you smile too.


Yes, we are enormously blessed to have a daughter who is a very good mother, a loving mother, a caring mother, and a generous mother.  Reagan is one very lucky baby girl to have a happy family who loves her more than anything in the world!


As all babies do in their first year, she began to teeth and everything that she picked up went into the mouth.  Unfortunately, everything she put in her mouth ended up on the floor, keeping Kim on her toes to keep things clean.


Reagan discovered Elmo, and soon, he became her very first friend.  She watched him on television and she played with him too.


Reagan enjoyed doing impersonations during bathtime - like this "Kiss" impersonation.  She's pretty good at it too!


There is something about Reagan - a sense I have - a feeling - that she is going to do something important, something wonderful - and will make a positive difference in this world.  I just know it.


But first she has to convince others to drink this disgusting formula.


And eat this disgusting baby food.


Next thing you know, Grandma Susan (that's me folks), was making her stuffed donut toys, 


and dresses.


Reagan has been sitting in grocery carts and enjoying the view at the grocery store on a regular basis.


She became quite the little model this past year too.  The camera is her friend ...


There's no doubt, Reagan is a ham for a laugh from Mommy and Daddy.


Naturally, like all girls do (usually this doesn't start until their teen years), Reagan has "the look" - the look that says "Go ahead and make my day," or "If you take one more picture of me, Mommy, I am going to make you regret it for the rest of the day," or "leave me alone already, I need a nap,"  or "You just wait, Mom, paybacks stink."  


Soon after "the look" this happened - and we all know what that means - Payback.

I just know that Reagan will reach for the stars and have a good life.  She is full of sugar and spice and everything nice.


This first year, Reagan took her first plane ride too and was mesmerized by the view from the window.


And the view from the front seat of the rental car too.  Learning to drive starts early.


Reagan celebrated her first July 4th in Utah, wearing one of my "Grandma creations" - a cute little romper with a patriotic teddy on the front.


Reagan went with Mommy and Daddy to see the most beautiful sites.  I think it was a time to reflect on our blessings.


How can I express the love I feel for this baby girl, her mother, and my son-in-law?  I suppose by showing you in pictures what this first year of her life has meant to me.


Her hair isn't the only thing that has grown this year ...


So has Elmo ...


And her angst to get up on her feet.


Yep, Reagan has got her eye on a bright future.


She knows what she likes - like standing over vents.


This year has been an exhausting year for Reagan.  So much to learn and do, so many things to see and touch.


So many new hairstyles to experiment with.


And Reagan has the best Mommy and Daddy a baby girl could ask for.  I sure do love my daughter, Kimberly, and she sure loves her honey - Zak, and together, we all love Reagan!


It seems like just yesterday this precious little angel graced our world and blessed us all with her smile.


Life is a magnificent thing, a gift from God.  God blessed me with the most wonderful children, and now, my daughter, Kimberly, and her hubby, Zak, have blessed us with a granddaughter.  A special little girl who will make a positive difference in this world.  


How do I know this you ask?  Because she already has.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby Grandbaby Girl!!  We love you so, so, much.  You've had a busy first year, and you have a family that loves and adores you.

I hope your first birthday is a special day for you and may you have at least 99 more that are just as memorable.

Love, Grandma  



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