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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Her Channel, Videos, and Camera Confidence


You may have noticed the toolbar above my masthead - the black one from the Her Channel.  You may also have noticed that there is a "My Videos" up there with videos from other bloggers.  That is because I haven't made any yet!!  I really need to get on the schtick here and make my craft and sewing videos so that you can visit me on the Her Channel and I can share with you how I do all these crafty things I get my hands into all the time.

I just wanted to let you know what's going on and why that bar is up there.  Her Channel is a wonderful resource with videos from bloggers like myself who share everything from life experiences to cooking, parenting to health, and now, thanks to the request of Her Channel, I am starting a Crafting and Sewing section for them!  It should be lots of fun.  That just means I've gotta get out of my pajamas and into my makeup and something nice.  I have to fix my hair too.  This may be a lot of work.  Maybe I ought to rethink this.  Naaah, I'll manage.  I just have to get my Big Bear to learn how to take decent videos.

So there you go.  I'm busy with everything but shopping this year (and if you've been hangin' around here long enough you know why).  Instead, I'm Santa's elf, making dolls and purses, quilts and stockings, paintings, websites and blogs, for my family, friends, and readers. 

I hope everyone is having a glorious holiday season!  I will let you all know when my videos go live.

Keep your toesies warm and your spirits high -

Blessings Abound!


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