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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Joplin Prayer


This past Sunday, we learned that a group of folks from our church would be headed to Joplin to help in the recovery there from the tornado of May 22nd that leveled the town and took the life of 142 souls.  I signed up for that mission but have not heard yet if I will be going or not. 


In the meantime, I am taking a page from a blogging friend and inviting you to please contribute to the recovery effort in Joplin.  Judy, at Patchwork Times, is accepting donations by check for the American Red Cross and also quilts that she will distribute to the families in need in Joplin in July.


She is also taking the names of those individuals who make a donation and putting them in the mix for an opportunity to win one of her beautiful quilts!  Sorta like a raffle, but instead of buying a raffle ticket, you are donating to those in need in Joplin!  I like that even better!


As for the donations, make your checks payable to the "American Red Cross" and in the memo section at the bottom of your check, please write "Joplin recovery."  That way there is no question, and your donation will go directly to the fund that is assisting the families in Joplin who have lost so much.


A bit about Judy - she has her own blog called "Patchwork Times" and lives 60 miles north of Joplin.  She is married to Vince, and they have one son, Chad, who is in college and no longer living at home, though he does come home on weekends to work and get laundry done and have home cooked meals.  She says that they are not totally empty nesters yet.  They have a mini-dachshund, Speck, and nine hens, who are almost pets! Judy and Vince live in Missouri, on one acre smack dab in the city limits of a tiny little town 75 miles away from a real restaurant.


Judy has also written two books - both published by AQS.  Nine Patch Extravaganza, was released in July, 2007 and Weekend Quilts came out in February, 2010.  You can order an autographed copy of either (or both) from Judy here.  Judy has a new book in the works too.  If you like her borders,  (and I like her borders) you’ll like the third book (no doubt about borders) which will be out probably late 2011 or early 2012. 


As you may know, my daughter, Kim, and her family live 60 miles south of Joplin.  Let's just say that the night those storms busted through that part of town, I was worried sick for my daughter and her hubby and my granddaughter, Reagan.  Just thinking about it makes me a little nuts, which is why this recovery effort is so important to me - because I know that I am blessed that the tornado missed my daughter's home, and yet, I know that others were not so fortunate and next time (Lord, please don't let there be a next time!) well ... I'm not going to talk about it.  Just put it this way, I have never been fond of tornado alley, especially during tornado season, and as a mother, I worry about those things.

So, in the spirit of giving, let's all do our part to make a difference to the families in Joplin who lost so much. 

Please make checks payable to the "American Red Cross" and in the memo section of your check write "Joplin Recovery."  Also, if you are sending a quilt for the families of Joplin, you can also send them to Judy and she will be taking them to Joplin in July.  She just needs to receive them before July 4th.  Your name will be in the running for one of Judy's beautiful quilts too!

Judy Laquidara
713 Timberbrook Drive
Nevada, MO 64772

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email Judy at [email protected]  And, be sure and visit her on her blog Patchwork Times!

Thank you to everyone who wants to help.  It is in the giving that makes this life worth living.



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