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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Glen's Graduation & Glory


Yes, Glen got all the glory today.  He graduated from Elementary school and is now moving on to Middle school.  He'll be a big boy - a 6th grader!  We are so proud of him! 


I homeschooled Sarah until she started high school and she has done fantastic and will be graduating next year.  I homeschooled Matthew until this year, and he will be starting high school in the fall.  As for Glen, though, I homeschooled him until this past school year. 


Glen, we discovered 3 years ago, has Asperger's, and keeping him focused on his schoolwork was becoming more and more difficult.  He was definitely learning and was above his reading level and math level, but he needed something more and I did not feel qualified to give him the education I knew he needed with the oversight that I felt he needed.  In other words, I could not sit with him and look over his shoulder with every assignment.  My children work independently more often than not, so this was becoming a problem.


After looking into what options were available at our public school, we discovered that North Carolina and our County work hand-in-hand to help children with specific needs, and after weeks of filling out paperwork, testing Glen, and having multiple meetings with Glen's teacher and counselor's at his school, we were able to create a curriculum for Glen, together with private tutoring at the school for what will be his entire academic career all the way through high school.  We were thrilled.


Not only did Glen do excellent in this program designed just for him, but he has excelled in ways I never thought possible.  He took his EOG (End of Grade) exams in the last 2 weeks and we were concerned, of course.  Glen has a habit of saying he has studied or he knows "this stuff" and yet, we're not completely convinced. 

But, were we ever surprised when Glen got his EOG scores and knocked it out of the park in all areas - Math, Science, Reading, and Language Arts.  He got higher scores in all areas more so than most of the other students in his class.  Go Glen!  (And that is what his teacher told us!) 


So today was graduation day for Glen.  We are so proud of him and he looked proud of himself too. 

Funny thing is, is that after the graduation ceremony, his classmates signed his yearbook, and he signed theirs too.  When he showed it to me, I couldn't help but laugh "that little stinker" because all these girls signed his yearbook and put hearts and wrote things like "You're Awesome" or "Call Me" and one girl wrote her name in big letters in his yearbook and her number just as big under her name!!  Now that was bold!  Glen was smiling ear-to-ear and I had him show me the girl's picture.  She's pretty!  That little stinker.  I had no idea he was such a lady's man until I read the comments in his yearbook.  Go figure.


He is off to new adventures and I must admit I am dreading the middle school years, but then again, maybe Glen will surprise us all once again and knock it out of the park.  That smile of his could melt mountains.

I'm so proud! : )


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