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Friday, August 26, 2011

Prayers for my Daughter


So much has happened in the last 2 weeks that it all seems a blur at the moment, but the most important and tragic event was concerning my daughter, Kimberly.  Without going into a lot of details here, suffice it to say that Kim has been fighting for her life for 10 days now after a surgical catheterization for a Melody valve replacement of her pulmonary valve went terribly wrong and Kim had a massive heart attack in the O.R. 


I flew the following day, on an emergency basis, to the hospital where she is staying, thanks to the goodness of my brother and mother who afforded my stay at a hotel near the hospital to be with my daughter.  Seeing my precious daughter suffer like this has been so heart breaking. 


For 5 days she remained on the ECMO heart/lung machine fighting for her life.  In those 5 days, Kim had 1 surgical catheterization, another catheterization, 2 open heart surgeries, 1 thoracic surgery (to remove fluid from her chest cavity and around her heart), 3 valve replacements of the same valve, replacement of part of her pulmonary artery, removal of 2 blood clots - one in her lung and one in her heart, and too much more to list here.  No healthy person could withstand all of this and survive.  It is nothing short of miraculous and the power of prayer that has carried her through these past 10 days.


She is on the road to recovery although we are still unsure if it will be a full recovery, we do know it will be a long one requiring lots of rehabilitation.  None of us were even remotely prepared for the possibility of this happening, especially Kim.  She is going to be devastated when she discovers what happened and how the events of August 16th will have changed her life forever.


If you are one of my Facebook friends, then you know the whole story and have led prayer circles from one stretch of this earth to the other.  Literally, my update emails to my closest friends and family have been forwarded to their friends and family, and prayer circles and churches as far away as parts of Europe have been praying for Kim.  Complete strangers have contacted me with prayers and messages of concern and letting me know that Kim is in their prayers for a full recovery. 


Please pray for my daughter, Kimberly, that she might have a speedy, healthy, and full recovery from this tragic event.  Your prayers "are" powerful and we have faith that they have spared her her life here on earth where she is a devoted wife, loving mother, and wonderful daughter and sister and friend. 


I am making a prayer quilt for my daughter, Kim.  Each block is 12 x 12 inches.  If you would like to make a prayer block for my daughter, Kimberly, it can be any color, any design, any pattern, and you can sign it and leave Kim a message as well.  Just make sure the quilt block measures 12 x 12 inches before it is sewn together to make the quilt top.  If you would like to make a lap quilt for Kim in your quilt circle, that would be wonderful too.  I would like to receive these quilts for Kim no later than October 15th as she will be in the hospital for at least another month and then will hopefully be on her way home for rehabilitation.  This quilt (or quilts) for Kimberly will be forever a reminder of the power of prayer and how many people care for her full recovery and healthy return home to her family. 


If you would like to donate a quilt block or a full quilt to Kimberly and let her know that she has been in your prayers, please contact me at [email protected] and I will send you information on where to ship the quilt blocks and/or quilts. 


Here are a few patterns that I found on "Prayers & Squares"  that might inspire you.  "The patterns here will make a lap sized quilt about 45" to 50" wide and 55" to 60" long. Why this size? We have found the ideal prayer quilt is big enough to cover up with, but not so long it will get caught under a wheelchair or a hospital bed rail. It is small enough to transport easily, but big enough to hold all those "knots of prayer" and to snuggle under."

  • Rail Fence This is a great beginner pattern.
  • Mystery Nine Patch This uses scrap strips; lots of fun.
  • Four Patch in a Square This one uses only fat quarters.
  • Cross on the Back The back of the quilt can feature a cross.
  • Prayer Square Pattern for 14" mini-quilt.
  • Baptismal Square Prayer squares used for baptisms.
  • Military Prayer Squares Especially for our armed forces.
  • Pocket Prayer Quilts 3" squares for pocket or purse.
  • Prayer Pillow Covers Make your prayer square into a pillow.

  • She'll be covered in warmth and prayers.

    I am forever grateful ...




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