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Monday, February 20, 2012

Reconnecting with All of my Friends ...


Looks as though 2012 is going to be a great year after all.  So much has been going on in my family, I haven't made time to write about it until now.  First of all, my hubby (aka Big Bear) Bob got a job!!  Not just any job either.  He got a great job with a good company.  He travels on occasion, but overall, he's happy and when Big Bear is happy, I'm happy.  


As for my daughter Kim, she is on the road to recovery.  She had a few setbacks after her return home from the hospital back in November, but we are so grateful to God she is with us and working through her life recovery with humor and strength - inner strength I don't know if I could ever achieve.  She never fails to amaze me.  Thank you all for your continued prayers for our daughter, Kim, and her beautiful family.  Her hubby Zak needs her, and her daughter - my beautiful granddaughter - Reagan definitely needs her too.  The greatest gift of all through these terrifying months has been Kim's life - and more time with all of us.


Sarah has been accepted to Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC, but we are still waiting to hear from other universities in hopes that she has options for her undergraduate studies.  We are so proud of her!!


My brother, Mike, had a setback about a week ago that we just found out about.  The stinker didn't tell us until last night that he had had a 95% blockage in an artery and had to have a catheterization and stint to open up the artery and remove the blockage.  This all happened last Monday.  Mike is 64 y/o but Geezy Peezy!!  Apparently he doesn't process cholesterol very well - I'm beginning to think this is hereditary.


I'm beginning to wonder if I might have these problems too in time, as my brother, Bill, who is 59, had the same problem a few years back.  As Bill tells me now, "there's nothin' to it Suzy, all they do is go in and clean out the plumbing."  Yeah, right.  That's after the heart attack not before, right?  But Bill is doing fine.


Remember my "fail" attempt to play basketball a few years back that resulted in a broken tooth?  Well, now that we have health insurance (Thank God!!), I was able to get that tooth fixed after all these years.  It sure feels good being able to visit the doctor and dentist now without going into debt.  And better yet, I can smile without being self-conscious about that broken tooth.  No more basketball for me.


And, remember the story I did a while back on my sewing studio?  Well, that wonderful new sewing studio is better than ever before!  I purchased some beautiful drapery panels of golden/yellow buffalo check fabric for the windows from Country Curtains, hung some decorative rods, hung the drapery panels and then hemmed them so they wouldn't be dragging all over the floor collecting dust.  They look so pretty!


Then, my mother and I purchased some faux wood blinds for one set of windows that gets blinding sunlight every morning - making it impossible for me to work in the room.  Now that the blinds and drapes are hung, the room looks absolutely beautiful!  But, I'm not showing you the finished room just yet.  You are going to have to purchase the summer issue of "Studios" Magazine this June.  Why you ask?  Because my studio is being featured in the magazine!!  I'm so excited to share with all of you all the things I've done to perk it up in here!  It is my favorite room in the house now.


I suppose I can share one thing.  These pillows.  They didn't always look like this.  My mother made these pillows for me in 1972, when I was 11 y/o.  We went to Danneman's Fabric in Wheaton, Maryland and I fell in love with the Gloria Vanderbilt fabric line.  I think the colors made me happy, especially since I was a preteen.  My mother made these pillows and I've had them ever since.  Over the years, they got flatter and flatter, and were looking helpless, so I decided to give them new life this week.


My mother and I took them completely apart.  I cleaned them and pressed them and recut the fabric.  I love this vintage Gloria Vanderbilt fabric!  I even re-pleated the ruffle around one of the pillows.  There are 3 pillows and I still have one more to go, and they look great in my newly decorated sewing studio.


I took white muslin fabric, cut it to the same size as the Gloria Vanderbilt pillows, and stuffed it with new batting.  Stitched it up and stuffed it into the pillow cover with my favorite vintage fabric.


After I pressed the old fabric, I made sure the squares were the same size before sewing them together and putting the muslin pillow inside.


I also hemmed up my drapes to keep them off the floor.


You can see some of what I have done here ... but you will have to wait to see the finished studio in the Summer issue of Studios Magazine!!  I can't wait!!

I'll be back to writing on more of a regular basis as before, just as soon as I get past all the chaos goin' on around here. Until then, be happy, keep smiling, and thank you for stopping by.  You are the reason I share my stories.  






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