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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Life's Been Good

It's been a while since I posted here on my blog and thought I would update all my friends out there who stop by on occasion. 



We've had a busy year so far!  Our home took a hit with the strong wind and rain storm we had the end of February.  As a result, the front door and paladian window are having to be replaced.  What a job! 



And before that, we ended up with 2 sinkholes in our front yard!!  After some digging, we discovered that the drainage pipe under the front yard was old and rusted and decaying and had caused the sinkholes.



With a backhoe, Matthew dug up the front yard, and our neighbors front yard, and removed the old drainage pipe, replacing it with a newer one that won't rust.



Matthew Vaughn - Jazz Improv - Jan. 13, 2016 from Susan Vaughn on Vimeo.

Matthew is in his Freshman year at UNC Charlotte and doing well.  He's also achieved a lot of success and interest in his piano compositions.  We couldn't be more proud!  He did receive an injury, though, on that windy day in February I was telling you about.  A large branch fell from a huge oak tree on the campus of UNC Charlotte, and hit him in the head.  The good news is that he had on his Fedora and was holding it on his head with his left hand when the heavy branch hit his head, the bad news is that it broke one of his fingers and gave him a concussion.  I thank God he was wearing that hat.  Had he been hit in the head without his hand and a hat to cushion the blow, he might be dead.  He is healing fine and still playing the piano - cast on his finger and all!



Sarah is a senior at Appalachian State University and preparing to graduate with Honors in December.  She will be getting married in March, 2017, and then attending Seminary for a Masters in Divinity.



Glen is a sophomore in high school and doing very well!  He is getting so tall, I call him to reach all the things I can't around the house. He is a big help around the house and also with the yard work.  So proud of him!  I can't believe he is 16y/o!! 



Bob is working hard at his IT job and landscaping as well with Matthew and Glen.  The boys stay very busy!



My mother is 91y/o.  Hard to believe, but she is also doing well.  Moving around a little slower, but still sharp - for the most part.  I'd say for her age, she's pretty sharp.



After 36+ years, I found my long lost cousin, Patty.  As a child, we used to visit my grandparents in Frederick, Maryland, and I'd get to see my cousin Patty, who was 2 years older than I.  She was my first real friend.  We lost touch after she married.  I had a friend help me find her.  She is living in Florida and doing well overall.  She came to visit us here in NC for my mother's 90th birthday celebration.  It was a special time reconnecting with her after all these years.



Kimberly is doing very well too.  She is happily married and living in Arkansas raising her daughter, Reagan.  My granddaughter will be 7y/o this year!  Kids grow up way too fast!! 



Kathleen is living in Maryland and doing well as a gaming host or something like that.  I don't understand it, but as long as she is happy and able to support herself, that's fine with me.





As for me, I've been painting more than ever in the last few years!  I've joined the Waxhaw Art Council and having shows.  I've sold quite a bit of my work and have been doing a lot of pet portraits as well.  My pet portraits have been a big hit!



After 20+ years as a professional artist, I finally got my dream easel.  I now have a Hughes 3000, and it is almost too beautiful to paint on.  Boy do I love it!

Thank you for stopping by! 


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