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Thursday, December 12, 2019

What I'd Say

🌳 What I’d Say🌳

if I Could Speak To Everyone In The World

At The Same Time 



For God’s Sake...

Love one another
Listen without judgment
Assume nothing
Be kind
You are stronger than you think
You have the power to change the trajectory of hate
Build your life on a foundation of Faith

... And recognize hatred, bullying, lies, deception, and selfishness for what they are ... evil traits of the mighty low one. The one who cowers in the sewers of our lives and wishes only to destroy all goodness in this world. That evil one (Satan) only serves himself and thinks all are below him. He loves and laughs at our divisions and scheming. He cackles when he sees people getting sucked into the black hole of ignorance and lies paraded as truth.

Aim higher. Be more. Pass on wisdom and life lessons that will frame the next generations into a kinder humanity. Wake up to the world we are leaving our children and future generations.



Take the first step of change by recognizing your own failings first. We have all failed at one time or another.

Humility is a virtue, and takes enormous strength. The evil one wants you to believe otherwise. Satan wants you to believe that kindness and humility are a weakness. Why? Because those are the very virtues that suck the oxygen out of his being. He cannot survive in a world of virtuous souls.



Don’t just walk away. Do something good. Do what is right, when you know in your gut it needs to be done. Be Positive. Humbling. Kind. Pay it forward. Expect nothing in return but God’s Grace.

With this, one lesson, education, kindness, one person at a time, WE can change the world.

But, we must first be able to ... (Your thoughts in the comments)



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