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Monday, July 21, 2008

Nell, please go home

I'm a complete mess.  As my family and I sat down to dinner this evening, I began to tell them the story of Nell - Ree's lost dog, and I began to cry and sob and blubber all through dinner.   For any of you who don't know who Ree is, she is "The Pioneer Woman" who lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her husband the Marlboro Man, her 4 precious punks, thousands of magnificent acres, cattle, wild horses, family horses, and numerous dogs.  She shares her life with the world on a daily basis, and if you have ever tuned into her story, you are surely hooked.  Ree has a spirit that resonates in every story she writes, whether it be about her family, her dogs, her horses, her children, cooking, or photography.  She puts her whole heart into it and the world comes back for more. 

Well, in the last 48 hours she has written 2 of the most beautiful articles.  Both touched me so deeply that I've been choked up since yesterday morning, but it's been a good choked up. The first was "Changes in Plans - a Recap"  The second was "Gone" about her dear lost dog, Nell.   Both will give you move to reflect on not only your life, but life and love in general.  Thank you Ree.

It amazes me how easily we can be drawn into the lives of others and feel so connected with them - personally, emotionally, and more.  It just goes to show how much we all need to feel connected with others.  It is human nature.  War is not natural.  Separation and angst is not a healthy state of human emotion.  Love, sharing, giving, caring, compassion, touch - these are the things of life that make it worth living. 

I, personally, do not know where I would be without my family, my dear children, my precious pets - all who depend on me for guidance, strength, love, understanding, hugs, communication, and so very much more.  I am convinced that life is what you give it, not what you take from it.  Look around you - you should be able to see more of what you have given to this world and less of what you have taken.  In other words, the energy around us is either a positive energy that draws positive energy from others - including our pets, or it is a negative energy that drives everyone away.   Life is what we give and give back.  When we love, and when we learn to love others who are not only complete strangers, but distant from us in proximity and lifestyle, then we are learning to love deeper, we are connecting with life, and we are more connected to God.

Such is the case with Ree and her family.  She is distant from so many of our lifestyles and yet, there are thousands around the world who seek out her daily lessons, her humor, and the love that is so evident in her blog and her personal story.  We visit The Pioneer Woman, and if for a mere 15 minutes, we have exited the stress of our day and joined her and her family on that cattle ranch amidst the love and laughter, the good food and good fun, and the scamper of dogs and little feet playing and enjoying life on that distant ranch in what seems like another world altogether to so many of us. 

Yes, I am being reflective, but I feel her pain.  Losing a pet that you love and has been a part of your life for years is difficult.  Terribly difficult.  It hurts me inside because I know her children are suffering too. 

Ree, I pray your pup finds her way back home.  I hope she is safe and only temporarily lost.  Nell is very much a part of your family and we all pray for peace of mind soon for all of you.  All the stories you wrote about Nell were beautiful and you shared with all of us your unconditional love for your border collie.  Thanks Ree.  We're thinking of you.  And me, well, I'm a blubbering idiot right now worrying about Nell too.


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