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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Puppy Love

We are in Love.  Serious Love - with the cutest, smallest, most adorable little puppy in the world.  Yeap, she's a cutie-tootie-punkin-n-pie, chocolate cake, sweetness from heaven.  She just peed on our couch and I don't care.  Actually, it was a dribble and we would have to dig out a microscope to see it, so who cares, right?  I'd be surprised if she weighs 2 lbs.  We went to the kennel where she was born and couldn't leave there without her.  I've never seen anything like her before.  She is so small I can practically hold her in the palm of my hand.  When we got her home we had to give her a bath because she got sick in the car.  Oh well, it happens people!  And what is it with white fur anyway?  I gave her a bath in the sink (which took all of about 2 minutes) and I even used a tiny soft toothbrush on her face and paws where her fur is discolored and it didn't come clean.  Any suggestions on how to keep her fur clean and white?  I'd appreciate the information.  Sarah named her "Hannah" after Hannah Montana of course.  So here she is world -

Adolf's gotta new friend - Little, but he doesn't care

"Well hello there big guy, my name is Hannah and I'm movin' in
so you better move over"


"I kiss and I'm cute, so if you want to be my friend,
you had better be a good kisser"


Adolf didn't know what to make of this new white puppy
in the house.  For a while, he actually looked like
he might be scared of her

Then he warmed up to her and realized
that she was just a little fuzz ball

Can you believe this?  My foot is taller than she is

"See, I told you I was a kisser.  But, oh my, Adolf,
you are a good-lookin' guy"

Now check this out - Adolf's nose is almost bigger than she is

Isn't she a cutie-pie?  She almost doesn't look real

"Can I eat her now, or is she just to play with?"

"What are you lookin' at?"

"Okay, I suppose we can be best friends, but they might
have to rename us Mutt and Jeff"

It's love people - true, wholesome, stars shooting, love, love, love

And now you know why - isn't that the cutest face ever?

I mean really now - we just couldn't resist
Welcome Home Hannah!
We think you are the best thing since apple pie.