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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I just downloaded and started using a completely new browser - Flock - and I am in love with it.  It shows everything from photo streams to letting you post blogs without going to a hundred different websites.  I can see flickr photos, twitter, and typepad all at the same time.  It is truly amazing.  What really intrigued me the most, though, was the speed at which my web pages were loading.  Firefox was not justifying the pages properly for many websites and it took some time to load.  Safari was even worse.  However, there are many sites that I cannot utilize, like TypePad, unless I am in Firefox.  No more.  Flock does it all.  I think everyone is going to be Flocking to Flock once they discover it's out there.  But that's not entirely why I am writing this blog...

While cruising through Flock, I came across a picture of a quilt that was just beautiful.  I love quilts.  I love the fabrics, the colors, the textures, the intricacies of the stitching.  I love quilts and I love quilting.  I haven't done any sewing in about a year and I really should be ashamed of myself because I love to sew and I especially love to quilt. So, I am posting this picture to inspire me to pull out my sewing machine and start quilting again.  And if there is anyone out there reading this whose sewing machine is collecting enough dust to make your grandmother squint, then pull it out, dust it off, and start sewing!  I've got plenty of fabric, and a wonderful machine.  I would love to know the pattern this quilter used to make this design.  Her name is April M. and her blog is called Making Ends Meet.  I was really impressed.  Isn't it wonderful?  It is a doll quilt that she is using in a quilt swap.  The name of the design is the "Cathedral Window Quilt."  She says it looks harder to make than it actually is.   I don't know if I could part with it in a swap.  It looks so complicated.  She must have a lot of patience.  I just want to put it on my bed and look at it.  As soon as I pull out my sewing machine and decide on a pattern for a quilt I will blog about it here and get your suggestions.  I love this stuff!  Do you like to quilt?  Sew?  Tell me about it. 

I left a comment on April's blog asking her to put up an image demonstration on her blog about creating this quilt.  I'm obsessed.  I want to learn how to make this, and when I get my mind set on something it becomes an obsession.  "You are an obsession - you're my obsession...."  Deedee Doo, name that song you people from the 80s.  Heck, now that song will be going thru my brain the rest of the night and driving me crazy.

  Cathedral Window Doll Quilt for quilt swap 4

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