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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weblog Organization

I'm big on organization.  My home is the epitomy of a lack of organization, but when it comes to computers, files, documents, and websites, I like things to be nice and tidy.  Bob once told me that my filing system in our home office was a disaster.  He couldn't find anything.  He was looking for the Titles to the Automobiles at the time. 

I said, "well, look under - Titles." 

He looked at me oddly and said "Why would you file it under that?  I would never think of filing Automobile Titles under a file named - Titles."

"Well, it makes perfect sense to me"
I replied

Bob showed me his obvious frustration by saying: "No wonder we can't find anything around here! Nobody can understand your filing system but you!"

Before I go into deeper detail of this discussion with my husband, let me just say that my filing system makes perfect sense. 

Therefore, this weblog is also organized based on my husband's description of a "warped mind." 

So, under the "About" page you will find information "about me, mwah, myster, meme, mommy, miss Susie, Susan." 

On the "Homepage" is nearly "everything" that goes into this weblog and filed under a category that can be found under a more specfic page if you go to it.  So, if you read a story about my handsome, adorable son, Matthew on the homepage, it will probably also be found in the "Family" section of the weblog for what appears to me in my brain as being a story about a member of the family. 

On the "Family" page, is where all the stories about my family and about me and things like that - that is where these stories will be.  I will not put a story about my disastrous kitchen or muddy front yard in the family section.

In the "Home and Garden" section of this most wonderful weblog, is where I vent about all the things that are driving me nuts about living in this house.  It will be finished - as in decorated, painted, and beautiful, about 5 minutes before we sell it.  Seems to be the story of our home - in constant disrepair and in major need of a bull dozer. 

When we are having something good for dinner, or making something special in the kitchen, I will post it here - in "What's Cookin." Sometimes I like to try new recipes, and if I do, I will put the story here, even if it comes out crappy.  I am not a cook.  I do not like to cook.  Actually, I hate to cook.  Sometimes I think I would rather starve than cook.  I really need to make a million bucks so that I can afford to hire a personal chef.  In the meantime, though, I do try the occasional recipe from a Martha Stewart Cookbook, or my husband will whip up something good.  On those rare occasions, I will post them in my "What's Cookin" section of this crazy place.

"Out and About" is where you can go to find out where we've been.  In other words, when I'm not cookin' and Bob's not cookin' and our stomachs are growlin' and howlin' and we stop hemmin' and haulin' around, we'll go out and eat.  There are lots of great restaurants in Charlotte.  There are also great shops.  The shopping centers are beautiful and the architecture is really nice around here and I enjoy going to a shopping center when I need something over a mall any day.  I hate malls.  I get physically ill every time I have to go to a mall.  I'm very much the homebody.  I love to stay home and prefer it over going anywhere.  I would rather engage the services of my dear hubby to do all the grocery shopping as well.  Which he does. Only problem with this scenerio is that he always buys the biggest of everything and in outrageous quantities that are impossible to store. There isn't enough cabinet space or garage space or refrigerator space for a 10 gallon jar of pickles.  We'll still be diggin them out of the jar 5 years from now if they're still good.  But that's another topic for one of my stories - Husbands and shopping or Husbands and grocery shopping or WHY does everything have to be the size available for a cafeteria?  I mean, we are a family of 6, not 60. Right?

Or the price of gas - no wonder I stay home.  Or a date night (if we ever get around to having one) or if we take in a movie.  I like to review these things.  It's fun being a critic.  I think.  Not that my opinion matters to anyone, but I can say what I like.  It's a free country.  I have free speech.  Thank you to all those soldiers who have fought for our freedom for the last 232+ years and who have made it possible for me to be a restaurant and movie critic in my spare time.  Also, on a more serious note, thank you to all of the soldiers for everything.  I think about you every single day and don't know how you young men and women do it.  You are incredible human beings and the ultimate American.  I am proud of you.  We are all proud of you.  Thank you for making it safe for me and my family to go "Out and About."  For the most part, in Charlotte, it is pretty safe.  Not completely, but fairly safe.  Put it this way, it is safer than New York City and a heck of a lot safer and cleaner than Baltimore.

Now for the "Fessin' Up."  Do I have to?   I suppose I do actually.  You see,  I have been telling my friends and family for about 4 years now that I am going to die before I am 50.  The problem with this, of course, is that I am now 49.  I'll be 50 next April. Still, there is something about turning 50 that makes me feel - old.  I feel like it is the death of my youth.  I know I shouldn't feel that way but you see, my body is failing me.  I'm not the young, hot, chicka-dee that I used to be.  It is fun to reminisce about my childhood and my teenage years and my 20s and 30s and - I better shut up, this is getting ridiculous.  Anyway, in the event I drop dead, this weblog will be a permanent journal of my ramblings and I can pass that on to my children, as long as they pay Six Apart and Yahoo to keep it out in cyberspace.  So, I'm "Fessin' Up" even to those things I probably shouldn't discuss, but this section is a good place for me to lay it all out - good, bad, ugly, and ridiculous.

I think the "Contact Me" section should be self-explanatory, but my husband may have some questions.  So, in the event you have my husband's type of brain - the "Contact Me" section is for anyone who wants to "Contact Me." 

Feel free to comment, contact me and ask me your questions (within reason of course) and read.  I enjoy hearing from my readers and I am quite amazed at how many nice people out there want to read my ramblings, my life story, my home improvement nightmares.

So, there you go with my organization of this weblog.  Still got questions?  I'm not sure if I can help you if you still have questions.  I mean, how precise do I need to be?