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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adolf and Hannah Sittin' in a Tree...K-i-s-s-i-n-g?

AdolfandHannah641.jpg by you.

When Adolf and Hannah met for the first time, Adolf was a bit confused

AdolfandHannah642.jpg by you.

He wasn't sure if he should bite her, eat her....

AdolfandHannah643.jpg by you.

Play with her....

AdolfandHannah644.jpg by you.

Lick  her....

AdolfandHannah647.jpg by you.

Smell her...

AdolfandHannah650.jpg by you.

Be amused by her...

AdolfandHannah654.jpg by you.

Sniff her...

AdolfandHannah659.jpg by you.

or be bored with her

AdolfandHannah661.jpg by you.

Hannah was amused by my foot, however, and gave me a lick.  "That tickles!  Stooooop it you little stinker! hee hee"

AdolfandHannah662.jpg by you.

Adolf was a really good boy.  He just laid by and let her amuse him

AdolfandHannah668.jpg by you.

And he wasn't really interested in reacting to all this hee haw.  He just wanted to touch her

AdolfandHannah670.jpg by you.

And then let her know, of course, that this is his territory and she had boundaries

AdolfandHannah671.jpg by you.

Of course, after a while, Adolf started to feel a bit insecure.  I mean, she did have a heck of a lot more energy than he has

AdolfandHannah676.jpg by you.

Adolf: "See how much bigger I am than you, Hannah?  I own this house.  Ignore Mom's foot, but please pay attention to me.  Hannah?  Hannah?"

AdolfandHannah681.jpg by you.

Adolf started to give in to her.  He wanted to get her attention now.

AdolfandHannah682.jpg by you.

Adolf was getting tired just watching her, though.  She wouldn't hold still for 5 seconds.

AdolfandHannah691.jpg by you.

And so he continued to watch her scramble, and toss and turn

AdolfandHannah693.jpg by you.

Finally, Adolf gave up, and Hannah felt sad.  She had tried so hard to amuse Adolf, but he didn't pay a lot of attention to her.   He felt like she wasn't paying any attention to him either.

AdolfandHannah694.jpg by you.

Nope, she wasn't going to let no man hurt her feelings, so she held her chin up high and ignored him right back.

AdolfandHannah696.jpg by you.

And she didn't move.  She was going to hold her ground and ignore Adolf.  Men.  They never give you the attention you need.

AdolfandHannah697.jpg by you.

Yep, she was getting good at holding still.  She was not going to entertain him at all anymore.  She was one tough cookie.

AdolfandHannah699.jpg by you.

Well, maybe Adolf likes her a little bit.  And maybe Hannah will sniff her way over to him.

AdolfandHannah703.jpg by you.

Maybe she'll just move in a little closer without him noticing

AdolfandHannah704.jpg by you.

There, that's better.  It's love.  Yep, they love each other.

AdolfandHannah631.jpg by you.

They even kiss and share secrets now.

AdolfandHannah718.jpg by you.

Although he does want to put her head in his mouth at times to tease her

AdolfandHannah737.jpg by you.

She doesn't care.  Adolf's her boyfriend, her man, her hunk-a-burnin-love

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