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Friday, August 15, 2008

Blonde and Blue

AlisonandSusan6.jpg by you.

Yes, Blonde and Blue and Blue and Blonde.  That's Alison and me.  Two peas in a pod and yet, you'd think we were completely opposite. 

Alisonsmiling1.jpg by you.

Alison is exotic and ethereal.

Susandriving2.jpg by you.

I'm conservative and motherly.

ExoticAlison.jpg by you.

Alison is free and fun-loving.

SusanSmilingsilly.jpg by you.

I'm just fun - and a little bit over-the-top crazy.

ExoticAlison2.jpg by you.

On the other hand, Alison is funny as hell.

Alisonsmiling2.jpg by you.

And serious, but only when necessary.

AlisonlookingatSarah.jpg by you.

Alison and I have been friends since we were crazy teenagers, all of 15 years old, chasing 4500 handsome midshipmen at the Naval Academy.

AlisonandSusan4.jpg by you.

And that's a long, dang, lifetime, of friendship.

AlisonandSusan3.jpg by you.

We both love Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zepplin.  We both remember Soul Train and American Bandstand.

AlisonandSusan5.jpg by you.

We both danced our hineys off in the late 70s at every disco we could find.  Yep, we were 16 and dancing Queens. (Note: I am trying to drive my car while she clicks away with her camera phone. - Crazy?  Damn right!)

AlisonandSusan2.jpg by you.

Alison - my friend of 34 years, is just as much fun as she was all those years ago. 

True Friends - Never forgotten, Always Loved, As close as family (sometimes closer), and there when we need them.  True Friendship.  A blessing, a life of experiences shared with someone you care about, thru marriages and relationships, children and heartache, love and loss.  True Friendship is something I cherish greatly in my life. 

Having friends means being a friend - even when it means tough love.

Being a friend means hugs, laughter, tears, fights, compassion, understanding, tolerance, patience, distance, closeness, and energy.

Energy - that positive force that keeps you together as friends no matter how many miles are between you.

Friends - Cherish them.  Love them.  Call them.  Care for them.  Be a part of their lives.

And the blessings will be endless and bountiful.

For a lifetime.

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