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Monday, August 18, 2008

Orbs Around Us and a Healthy Dose of Fresh Air

AlisonandSusan2.jpg by you.

If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I am skeptical and I ask questions - and lots of 'em.  Alison has always been deeply spiritual, but for some reason, we have always had this connection that seems almost soulful. 

So, when my daughter took these pictures of us sitting on the sofa in our family room the other night I thought nothing of it.  As a matter of fact I was a bit irritated because I thought my lens was dirty on my camera.  But then I asked myself - "Well, then why aren't all the other pictures showing the same specks of dirt?" 

AlisonandSusan.jpg by you.

When I showed the pictures to Alison this was our conversation:

Alison: "Look Susan!  We're surrounded by Orbs"  

I looked at her strangely

Me: "Huh?  What the hell is an Orb?" 

Alison: "You don't know what an Orb is?"

Me: "No, never heard of it."

Alison: "They're spirits, energy around us.  Like Angels looking over us."

Me: "Okay, you're scaring me now.  You mean we're surrounded by spirits?"

Alison: "Yes, and the pictures prove it.  Look at the pictures of us on the sofa.  See the Orbs?  They're all around us.  We have spirits watching over us." 

Me: "Are you sure that's not just a dirty lens?"

Alison:  "Well if it is wouldn't it be on the other pictures?"

Me: "I would think so." 

Alison:  "You see Susan, we have a lot of positive energy and angels around us.  Look at the pictures."

Well, I'd surely like to believe that we have angels looking over us.  I know that there is a lot of positive energy and a lot of love between me and my friend, Alison.  Hopefully we will have another 34 years of memories that are good and happy.

HorseFarm13.jpg by you.

We've shared a lot over the years and this week has gone by way too fast.  She leaves tomorrow for New Mexico and I will miss her, and so will my children.

HorseFarm12.jpg by you.

We are all anxious for her to find a place to call home - nearby - so that we can visit all the time and spend every holiday together. 

HorseFarm11.jpg by you.

She is a part of my life.  We grew up together.  We double-dated.  We cried together as teenagers, and we have cried together as adults.  Sisters.  Spiritual Sisters.  She was there when I gave birth to my 2 oldest daughters.  She never gave up on me, and I surely never gave up on her.

I sure feel blessed to have the wonderful friends that I have in my life, and Alison has reminded me daily how precious friendship is and how vulnerable and dear we are to each other. 

My children have adopted Alison as their Aunt.

Today, we went and looked at some lots in a very nice community surrounded by trees and farmland.  It was gorgeous.  Alison fell in love with it and is interested in having a house built on one of the available lots.  Keeping her options open. 

HorseFarm14.jpg by you.

While we were driving through the countryside, I noticed this beautiful home on the left with ponds and a white fence and horses.  It was picture perfect and I told Keith (poor Keith) to pull over. 

HorseFarm17.jpg by you.
Doesn't this look magnificent and serene?  North Carolina countryside - God's Country.

Keith:  "Oh my God.  Susan, are you going to go run down another homeowner?" 

Me:  "You're dang right.  I want that house.  I want those horses.  I want that John Deere Tractor." 

HorseFarm15.jpg by you.

In front of me was this beautiful house on a picturesque setting.  I took lots of pictures and Keith drove me and Alison up the driveway.  I hopped out and a man was in the back working.

HorseFarm27.jpg by you.

Me: "Hello.  I'm Susan and I love your home.  If you had it up for sale I'd snap it up in a second. You wanna sell it?" 

He replied:  "Well, my wife and I are thinkin' about it actually.  We might want to downsize.  Let me show you around." 

By that time, Alison and Keith were walking over and I introduced them to this nice gentleman. 

HorseFarm29.jpg by you.

He is a local builder - imagine that - and he gave each of us his card.  He told Alison about some property he owns nearby where he could build her a house.  You think some angels were guiding us around town?  Notice no orbs in these pictures.

HorseFarm21.jpg by you.

So this nice gentleman showed us around and took us back to his horse stables where he introduced us to a beautiful horse that was due to have a colt any day. 

HorseFarm25.jpg by you.

Then we met some of his other horses.  They were beautiful, and friendly, and there was a filly that was feisty. 

Keith: "Susan, I never know where we're going to end up when we go out." 

HorseFarm24.jpg by you.

Alison:  "That's funny.  The whole time we were growing up people thought she was the conservative, quiet one and I was the wild one, what they didn't know is that she is the wild one and I am the conservative, quiet one."  (Remember - I rode a harley for years.  No tattoos, though.)  Darn

HorseFarm23.jpg by you.

Keith: "That is funny." 

Me: "No comment." 

We got the grand exterior tour and it was spectacular.  The smell of fresh cut grass, horse manure....

HorseFarm22.jpg by you.

Keith:  "You smell that?"

Me:  "Yeah"

Keith:  "You know what that smell is?"

Me: "Horse crap and hay?"

Keith: "No - that's the smell of money." 

Me: "I'd say so!  And this guys got far more than I do!"

Then I took in a big breather.  Mmmmmm - fresh air.

HorseFarm28.jpg by you.

And then I did what Ree does without even thinking about it - I took a picture of feet while I was trying to get a picture of this doggy.  Mercy, I hope he doesn't pee on my pretty sandles and mess up my 30 dollar pedicure while I stand here in horse manure.  - Oh, and hay.

HorseFarm20.jpg by you.

And I fell in love with this house.  Every inch of it.  I want it.  Can I have it?  Please Big Bear?  Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top and Whipped Cream?

HorseFarm18.jpg by you.

Isn't it glorious with its Crepe Myrtle trees and white picket fence?

HorseFarm16.jpg by you.

And swing.  I love swings attached to big oak trees. 

HorseFarm15.jpg by you.

So, Mr. Builder - can I buy your house?  And your farm?  And your horses?  And your Crepe Myrtles?

HorseFarm8.jpg by you.

And your horse manure?  And your hay?  And your ponds?  Oh hell, what's your price?

HorseFarm5.jpg by you.

As I fainted, like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind, I remembered Clark Gable - "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn"

And then reality kicked in and I remembered that I, too, have a beautiful home filled with love and security, and happy children and dog's barking, and friends who visit and sleep soundly...

And I pray that Alison get her tush back here soon.

And then I'm happy again - to go home.


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