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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Your Stomach May Never Be the Same

I know mine won't.  Especially since I just wolfed down 2 hamburgers with some leftover fries from Americana Restaurant.  Love those leftover fries.  So, after sitting in my newly painted family room that I cleaned up last night (it's the only room in the house that is vacuumed, dusted, and organized), I popped upstairs to my boy's bedroom where I could sit in my favorite chair with my dogs while the painters were working busily on my kitchen,  and read my email and check to see what Presidents, Ambassadors, Senators, and Celebrities are stopping by to read my crap on Raisin Toast. 

Well, I will start with this email I got from Dover Publications.  I love Dover publications.  But then I got to wondering.  Who thought this would be fun for our kids?

CampaignPaperDolls.jpg by you.

I kid you not.  I wonder if they have them in their skivvies under their suits?  I mean, how else are you going to change their clothes?  I hope they come with some fancy swim trunks too.  Click here if you want to get these for your little darlings.  They are 7.99 each.  They even come with the wives!  Here is the Dover description:

The race for the White House is heating up and Dover has the perfect novelty items to help you commemorate one of the most electric election years in American history! These collectible paper doll sets feature realistically rendered paper dolls of Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama, their wives, plus casual and formal outfits they wore during the campaign. Each paper doll set includes a brief biography, descriptive notes, and a bonus "Election Night Scorecard."

LeahTexas2.jpg by you.

Then I clicked on over to my homepage to see who was visiting and I noticed that I had quite a few visitors from "asidreflucks.com" and I had to take a double-take.  For goodness sakes, I thought that was a dirty word there for a minute - then I saw the "l."   Wooo, for a minute there I thought someone had put a link to Raisin Toast on a "funny" site, and I'm not talking the hahaha ones either.  So, I clicked it on and said a little prayer and I was taken to "My Stomach May Never Be the Same."   That was a relief - my stomach was feeling much better thank you very much.

And then I noticed that it was a blog from Leah in Texas ("Hello Leah in Texas!") and she had a little blip....

LeahTexas.jpg by you.

So, I thought since she shared, I would do the same.  Especially since it was a nice compliment.

Then I got an email from Beth (you know, my friend aka singing chef in Florida)...

"Just kidding you about your hair. (I'm all gray, folks, if you don't already know that and Beth has been after me for years to color my hair) I know you like it just the way it is, and honestly, it was beginning to become a big expensive mess for me until Evan (that's Beth's son) started studying it.  Now, he's like so amazing at putting colors together.  It's the artist in him i think!  When he decides to fly the coop again ( ahem.....) I don't know what the hell I'll do. I have soooo much gray hair, you wanna talk about depressed?? holy shit!" 

I can relate Beth - more than you know.  LOL.  I love my friends.  They are so honest.

I know this is an unusually short post for me, but I'm tired.  I think I'll go catch some zzzz's while these guys finish painting for the day. 

Love ya all!


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