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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blonde and Blue Road Trip Day 1

NewMexico_0731.jpg by you.

We began this journey on Wednesday, and I had no idea what the week held for us.  I only knew that we had a long trip in front of us and I hoped we were still friends when it was all over.  What I feared the most was being in a car accident.  That terrified me more than anything.  I had never been on a trip like this and this jaunt across the country was going to be not only the first car trip of its sort for me, but the last one.  You can be sure of that.  Of course, there are not too many people in this life I would do this for, however, Alison is one of those people in my life that I would set aside my comfort zone to help her find a new and better life in North Carolina.  So here we go.  Enjoy the New Mexico landscape as we drive down I-40 East.

NewMexico_0736.jpg by you.

The kitties on this trip are MeeMee, BooBoo, and Binky.  The Chihuahua is Maggie Mae (and she is the sweetest Chihuahua I have ever known.  She is yawning in this picture.  She looks pretty feisty though doesn't she?), and we also had a one-eyed Gecko named Pinky who was the most relaxed thru the trip.  I think.  She molted and ate her skin.  Maybe she really was stressed now that I think about it.

NewMexico_0742.jpg by you.

At this point in the trip, Alison is driving and I was shooting the pictures.  It was a beautiful day.  Thank God.

NewMexico_0746.jpg by you.

The more 18-wheelers I saw, the more stressed I got.  And we hadn't even gotten out of New Mexico.

NewMexico_0757.jpg by you.

New Mexico is beautiful in its own way, but honestly, I'm not a Western kind-of gal.  I prefer the east, and as we get closer you may see why.

NewMexico_0760.jpg by you.

Don't get me wrong.  This has been a real life-changing experience for me, and seeing this country like I have never seen it before opened my eyes.

NewMexico_0764.jpg by you.

But for me, there was something desolate and lonely about New Mexico. 

NewMexico_0772.jpg by you.

The mountains are beautiful, but they are lonely.  Deserted.  Sad.

NewMexico_0783.jpg by you.

Of course, this little brush with flowers in the landscape on the side of the road was a breath of fresh air.

NewMexico_0789.jpg by you.

There were interesting and lonely structures on the side of the road.

NewMexico_0811.jpg by you.

They made me wonder what family had lived there at one time.

NewMexico_0813.jpg by you.

New Mexico had its beautiful moments.

NewMexico_0818.jpg by you.

And we enjoyed the scenery.

NewMexico_0774.jpg by you.

There were also truckers who were too dang close to my right arm.

NewMexico_0773.jpg by you.

There were a lot of bikers enjoying the ride, and their's was certainly shorter than ours.

NewMexico_0767.jpg by you.

Alison was driving

NewMexico_0768.jpg by you.

And Maggie Mae, in my lap, was in need of oxygen.   Then again, maybe she was saying "Ah Chakita, Where the hell are you taking me?"

NewMexico_0809.jpg by you.

We're taking you to North Carolina, Maggie Mae.  New Life.  New Friends.  Bigger Dogs (aka Adolf our German Shepherd) and Greener Pastures.

NewMexico_0810.jpg by you.

A heck of a lot greener and happier.

NewMexico_0826.jpg by you.

Goodbye New Mexico.  I ain't comin' back.  Alison has to fly back to meet the movers when they pick up her furnishings, but then she flies back.  NO MORE NEW MEXICO ROAD TRIPS! 


Texas_0848.jpg by you.

Hello Texas

Texas_0862.jpg by you.

Your landscape looks very much like New Mexico's only, maybe, a little bit happier.

Texas_0834.jpg by you.

Your mountains are interesting too.

Texas_0837.jpg by you.

And your landscape is also beautiful in its Texas way.

Texas_0831.jpg by you.

I enjoy the Texas windmills along the landscape

Texas_0829.jpg by you.

Then there were times I thought I was going west, not east.

Texas_0838.jpg by you.

Yes, Lord, please get us home - alive and well.

Texas_0855.jpg by you.

Yes, Texas is beautiful.

Texas_0858.jpg by you.

And why aren't there more of these across this great nation?  They use the wind to generate energy - and lots of it. 

Texas_0844.jpg by you.

Of course, this had me wondering.  Did Texas want their own version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Texas_0846.jpg by you.

I mean really now, what went wrong folks?

Texas_0865.jpg by you.

Goodbye Texas.  As beautiful as you are, I really want to get home - bad.


Oklahoma_0950.jpg by you.

This trip was getting longer than anything I had ever experienced, and my back was hurting, my neck was hurting, my butt was numb, and I was thinking "We need to clean all the dead bugs off the windshield and I hope those pipes don't fall off that truck as I drive by." 

Oklahoma_0866.jpg by you.

Oklahoma was beautiful as the sun was going down. 

Oklahoma_0868.jpg by you.

This is horse country

Oklahoma_0871.jpg by you.

And cowboy country, and we enjoyed waving to the horses as we drove by.

Oklahoma_0948.jpg by you.

There were lots of big buses on the road and more dead bugs on the windshield.

Oklahoma_0944.jpg by you.

Kitties had to go potty in the kitty litter at Alison's feet, and Maggie Mae was squished - under a cat.

Oklahoma_0938.jpg by you.

The road seemed to go on forever.

Oklahoma_0927.jpg by you.

I could see why this is tornado alley too.

Oklahoma_0912.jpg by you.

Alison was catching some zzzz's while I drove and snapped pictures with my camera.  snap-snap-snap.  Don't you just love digital cameras?

Oklahoma_0893.jpg by you.

Alison had driven for the first 100 miles and I drove for the next 400.  Not because she didn't want to drive, but because I was freakin' out when she got close to a car or truck in front of us at 80 mph. 

Oklahoma_0901.jpg by you.

But, by now, it was getting dark and the truckers were everywhere, and there was a full moon.

Oklahoma_0886.jpg by you.

My eyesight was getting blurry, which meant plainly that it was time to stop for the night.

So, Alison and I decided to stop in Oklahoma City at a Comfort Inn for the night.  Thank God for Comfort Inn.  It was comfortable and we were both out in a flash.  We got up when we got up.  No hurry. 

END OKLAHOMA, BEGIN ARKANSAS - Day 2 to continue....

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