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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Long Nap or Was it Just a Glorious Weekend?

Okay, so why haven't I posted anything in 3 days?  Oh, it's because I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas and I left my laptop at home.  - Not. 

Or, wait a minute, it's because I took a long drive in the mountains and forgot to tell you about it.  - Not. 

How about this:  I took an exceptionally long and enjoyable nap in a comfy bed and a soft, cold, and fluffy pillow.  - Well, yeah, kinda.  A few times.

Actually, there have been several reasons which I would like to share.

First of all, Sarah prepared for her journey into high school.  We went shopping at the mall and bought her some really cool (is that a "hip" word still? - cool?) clothes for school.  I can't believe how much she has grown this summer.  Over 2 inches!  Then we went to Staples and bought her school supplies - lots of 'em.   Then I received an email from one of her teachers - for Algebra - and it included worksheets that her teacher wanted her to complete.  Worksheets that the class had been given the week before.  Her teacher told me that it was her way of determining at what level the class was at and what book she should teach from - Fundamentals of Algebra or Algebra 1.   She hasn't assigned a book yet for the students, and Sarah had about 10 worksheets that kept us busy over the weekend. 

To my surprise, Sarah whipped through them like cake batter and only had a few questions for me to refresh her Algebraic skills.  I was so proud of her.  I checked her work and it appeared to me that she had solved the equations perfectly.  We shall see.  So, yes, that kept us both busy this weekend too.

Of course, I cleaned, did some laundry, and spoiled myself with the purchase of an upgrade to Photoshop and a new camera - Nikon D300 - my dream camera since the sale of my first dream camera - the Nikon D100 that has been wonderful for about 7 years.  I've been saving for the D300 and finally ordered it this weekend.  Yippee Dee Doo Dah!  I ordered it from B&H - the best photo and video and the best prices (this is not an advertisement but it should be).  I know too, because I have been pricing my dream camera for months now.  I kept coming back to B&H and that is why I advertise for them too.  Because I think they are great - and so is the customer service.  Or, at least, this has been my personal experience.  I can't wait to get my camera.  It should arrive later in the week. 

Even though I was busy this weekend, Beth had sent me a wonderful recipe for Guacamole dip and I have been trying to adjust the images in Photoshop - to my chagrin.  Photoshop keeps hanging and I can't even get it to force quit.  Not only is Photoshop hanging, but it's making me hang too.  I'm hung up on Photoshop application difficulties and therefore can't post pretty pictures with my posts.  And the Guacamole dip must have pictures. 

I've been hung up on this Photoshop problem for the best part of this weekend and it is making me a bit irritated.  The only way to shut it down and start over is to shut down my entire computer.  That stinks. 

So bear with me folks.  The pretty pictures will be back to entice you and appeal to your visual right-brain just as soon as I can find what's causing the problem and fix it. 

Sorry Beth for not getting that recipe posted yet.  It sure looks good in your email! 


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