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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wanna Take a Plane Ride?

Yesterday's weather was perfect for flying across the country.  Once I got on the plane and we took off it was smooth sailing from Charlotte to Phoenix.  I had a window seat and the sights were magnificent.  Would you like to take a flight with me?  Here you go...

DSC_0546.jpg by you.

I sat right in front of the wing.

DSC_0548.jpg by you.

Once we got above the rain clouds in Charlotte, the sky was beautiful.

DSC_0551.jpg by you.

Look at that storm cloud in the distance.

DSC_0552.jpg by you.

Looks like a little bit of heaven.

DSC_0555.jpg by you.

I love these pictures of flying above the clouds.

DSC_0556.jpg by you.

Want to see Tennessee?

DSC_0561.jpg by you.

Of course, US Airways ruins the moment by charging me $2 for a Coke and $7 for a sandwich.  Is that what they call Airway robbery?

DSC_0559.jpg by you.

I think I'll look out the window again.

DSC_0565.jpg by you.

Now they want to charge $5 for earphones to listen to this movie.  Not.

DSC_0558.jpg by you.

I brought my video iPod instead and enjoyed the movie "One Fine Day" with George Clooney and Michelle Pheiffer.  Love that movie.

DSC_0569.jpg by you.

Flying right along here, I noticed all these perfect circles in the landscape over middle America.  What is this?  Looks like something out of that movie "Signs."

DSC_0571.jpg by you.

Beautiful mountains.  We live in such a magnificent country.

DSC_0573.jpg by you.

Isn't that something to admire?

DSC_0580.jpg by you.

I mean really now, could this flight get any better?

DSC_0581.jpg by you.

I have never flown across the country, so this is all new to me.  My nose is glued to the window.

DSC_0583.jpg by you.

I've never seen such beautiful countryside.

DSC_0587.jpg by you.

Isn't this a nice trip?

DSC_0592.jpg by you.

I thought you would enjoy it.

DSC_0596.jpg by you.

The flight attendants were very nice.

DSC_0597.jpg by you.

We're getting close to Phoenix. 

DSC_0598.jpg by you.

Comin' in for a landing. 

DSC_0602.jpg by you.

Gettin' closer.  Can I close my eyes now?

DSC_0604.jpg by you.

Almost there.  Wheels are down.  Thank God they work.

DSC_0605.jpg by you.


DSC_0608.jpg by you.

Touchdown!  Score!  Yay!  Woohoo!  Cheers!  Kudos!  Hallelujahs!  Glory to God!

 DSC_0612.jpg by you.


More later! 


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