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Friday, March 19, 2010

My Pride Runneth Over and Over Again


There are times in this life when a parent oozes with pride.  Like when your baby is born, or when they speak their first word, walk for the first time, color their first picture for you, learn to play an instrument, get a good grade in a tough subject, graduate from high school, graduate from college, get married, or have a baby of their own.  My goodness, that was quite the list, and I've had the distinct maternal pleasure of knowing the feeling of pride for all of the above, but something else tickled our pride yesterday.


NSHSSCertificate copy

Sarah got home from school and brought in the mail as usual, and began to share with us her day, it was a typical day. She went upstairs to do her homework and Big Bear and I went through the mail.  In it was a letter for Sarah from the National Society of High School Scholars.  Sarah had been nominated for membership by her high school for outstanding academic achievement.  You see, Sarah takes Honors and AP courses in her high school and although she didn't get straight A's on her last report card, she did get 3 high A's and 1 high B. (She takes 4 advanced courses each semester)  Even Sarah knew that the B could have been an A.  But hey, we're all human.  We were very proud of her grades and her achievements.  She is an outstanding student and it shows in her grades.



The chair of the NSHSS is Claes Nobel, a senior member of the family that established the Nobel prizes. We had not heard of this organization until yesterday and I did a bit of research.  The NSHSS only offers membership to outstanding students who qualify according to objective academic criteria and the student must be nominated by a participating educator.  The student will receive a letter from Mr. Nobel (which Sarah did).  The students GPA must be above 3.5 and they must be a second-semester sophomore, junior, or senior at an accredited public or private high school. 

Apparently one of Sarah's teachers or the principal nominated Sarah for the NSHSS, and whoever that educator is - thank you.  We are thrilled, we are proud of Sarah, but deep down we are not surprised. Sarah does her best to make responsible decisions and give her all to (most) everything she does, we are just so happy that someone other than us recognizes her capabilities and achievements.



We called Sarah downstairs and pretended to be concerned with her.  She was befuddled.  Then we handed over the letter and said "You have some explaining to do young lady."  She was beginning to look nervous.  Her words were "what did I do?"  She began to read the letter and suddenly this smile spread across her face and Big Bear and I began to laugh and smile.  Then we reached over and gave our little girl a great big hug, filled with pride.

I can't think of anything, at this point, that is more validating as a mother than seeing my daughter take pride in her academics and her future, especially since I homeschooled her until she began high school.  I also continue to homeschool our boys and will do so until they begin their high school years as well.  Still, we are so proud of our girl.  She works hard, studies smart, reads constantly, composes music, plays the piano, has a mean sense of humor and a sharp wit, plays a great game of soccer, is 1 belt away from a black belt in jujitsu, and wants to go to Harvard and study to be a doctor, and we have every confidence that Sarah will reach for the stars and lasso the moon as well.

I'd say we have a lot to be proud of, not just with Sarah, but with Matthew and Glen and Kathleen and Kimberly as well.  Blessings abound, even during difficult times.  This is just one moment in time that sharing the blessings with you seemed right.



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