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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Action Figures and Little Boys


Action figures and little boys go together like peanut butter and jelly, lettuce and tomatoes, Big Bear and tractors, little girls and pretty pink dresses - you get the picture, right?


I have 2 little boys that would be totally and completely lost if not for their action figures, and I must tell you that it contributes to their learning experience here at home.  We have a rule in our family - no computers during the week because if you give my boys an inch of computer, they'll take the whole mile and beg for more.  They're just wired that way I suppose.



Instead, we encourage them to read, write stories, draw pictures, play board games, play basketball, ride their bikes, or play with their action figures among so many other things they can do to have fun and use their imagination.  



And that is exactly what they do when they play with regular toys and games and don't have computers, television, Wii, Nintendo DS, and GameBoys to interrupt healthy play that requires that they be physically active and use their brains for something other than pushing buttons.  Little fingers get far too much exercise on the computer.  The rest of their body needs exercise too!



I'm proud of my children.  They are happy kids and play well together - most of the time.  Sure, as siblings, they get into disagreements now and then, but overall, they play well together.  Our home is filled with lots of love and laughter.  


Take these Action figures for instance.  Together, Matthew and Glen built a fort and had an entire army of men fighting each other.  They have the vehicles and the airplanes too that shoot rockets and drop bombs. My boys make all those funny sounds with their mouth that none of my girls ever did.  It must be a testosterone thing.



They play army outside and pretend to shoot each other.  They run behind trees and play hide and seek. They carry their toy airplanes around and make these weird sounds like "vssssssh-wooooooph-rrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm-ph ph ph ph-umph-rooooooom-chchchchchch-vsssssh"  Do all boys do this or just mine?



Anyway, I don't care if it is just my boys, they are having good, clean, fun and that makes me very happy. I believe that if parents can give their children one thing in addition to all the other things we give them, we should give them the time to be imaginative.  No child should have to say "I'm bored."  Teach them to be creative, imaginative, and fill them with the enthusiasm to play.



Now I think I'll go over and play action figures with my boys.

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