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Friday, November 12, 2010

Mom, Where's England?


"Well, let's see, Glen, how about I pull up a map on Google and show you."  "Okay!" responded Glen. 

Every night, I help Glen with his homework.  This year is the first year that Glen has been in public school.  I homeschooled him up to this point and thought that the school experience might be good for him since they had programs in place for children with Asperger's.

Tonight he brought home his Social Studies homework and had to draw a map of North America.  Then he had to draw England, Spain, France, and the Netherlands on the North America map.  Does this make sense to you?

Anyway, the funniest thing happened while taking a stroll through Google maps, especially since satellite maps are so - so - accurate. honk honk.


"Glen - Here's England"

"I can't see it.  You have to get closer, Mom"


"Okay, here's England. Surely that's close enough for you to draw the map"

"I really want to see England, Mom.  Can't you get closer?"


"Is that better? Can you see it now?" 



"There you go, Glen.  Google confirms that this is England."

"I still can't see it, Mom.  Get closer"


"No Mom, closer."


"Well, I'll be, Glen, England has it's own street address apparently."

"Yeah Mom!  Check it out!  Closer!"


"Oh my!  England resides on Silicon Ct."

"Mom!  Satellite!  Google has satellite!  Let's see what England really looks like."  (only Glen would know that Google has satellite, right?)


"Apparently, Glen, England has a house address, and is located in this neighborhood."


"And, as you can see from the "A" marker on the front lawn.  This is most definitely England."



"Hey, Glen!  We can look around England!"

"Check that out Mom!"


"Now here's an interesting street view"


"And here is England's neighbor.  This is most definitely the Netherlands."


"I think there's a way out of England, and this must be it."


"Glen, England has nice grass."

School project done?  I wonder what his 5th grade teacher will say when he draws this house in the middle of North America?

If you would like to see the world up close, specifically, England, check out Google Maps. : )


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